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Blast Chillers and Blast Freezers

Porkka’s new generation of advanced blast chillers and blast freezers have been designed to meet the needs of all professional food processing operations. Blast chillers and freezers help to increase productivity by reducing the time taken to chill or freeze cooked products ready for storage or transportation. But most importantly, blast freezers and chillers improve food hygiene and reduce waste by minimizing the multiplication of potentially harmful microorganisms. All Porkka blast chillers and freezers are compliant.

Blast Chillers and Freezers - Innovative Design Features

Programmable Settings: Different foods need different chilling or freezing speeds in order to optimize the product quality. For instance, a very fast freeze time can result in ice crystals forming on the surface, which may matter for some foods but not for others. Individual food producers will need to optimize the speed at which different foods are chilled, balancing speed against the effect on product taste and texture. The Porkka SH-controller is pre-set with a general program to suit most purposes, but it also allows an operator to specify up to 8 different programs via easy-to-use controls. Chilling fans can also be switched between half and full capacity to add further control.

Memory Stick Recording: Our blast freezers and chillers feature a memory stick based temperature recording unit to record temperature data at set intervals (e.g. every 3 minutes). With a 15 minute interval the stick can record approximately a year’s worth of data from a machine in fairly constant use. The stick may be removed and the data transferred to any computer with a USB port.

Temperature Probe: To ensure food safety it is essential for operators to be able to assess the temperature of food during and at the end of a chill or freeze cycle. Our blast chillers and freezers are provided with a food safe hygienic probe which can be inserted into food to test for internal temperature. Probes attached to blast freezers include a heating element to allow easy removal from frozen food.

Automatic Holding Mode: All our blast chillers and freezers include a holding mode which can operate after food has reached its desired temperature. The blast chiller or freezer effectively becomes a static refrigerator or freezer for as long as required until you wish to remove the product. As well as being more convenient for operators (the chiller/freezer does not have to be emptied immediately the chill/freeze cycle is complete) it also creates valuable extra storage.

Hygiene and Safety: All Porkka blast chillers and freezers have been designed with safety and hygiene in mind. All surfaces are made from stainless steel grade AISI304 which is easy to clean, rustproof and prevents pitting. The control units include alarm functions and allow progress of a chill/freeze cycle to be monitored visually.

Our Range of Blast Freezers and Chillers

Our range of blast chillers and freezers includes a variety of access options and sizes so there will be a model to suit the needs of all food operations large or small.

Reach In Cabinets: Reach in cabinets are filled and emptied manually, via individual trays or pans (GN 1/1). Choose between blast chiller or combined blast chiller/freezer which can accommodate up to 10 trays.

Model BC 720 SH BC/BF 720 SH
Exterior dimensions mm (w x d x h) 850x750x2030 850x750x2030
Cooling capacity * 30 kg /90 min. 30 kg /90 min.
Freezing capacity ** - 70 kg /12 h
Blast freezing capacity*** - 25 kg / 2.5 h
Required cooling power to= -10°C 3 kW -
Required cooling power to= -10 °/ -30°C - 3 kW/1.2 kW
Connection power (central cooling model) 156 W/230V 1272 W/230V
Connection power (plug in model) 1534 W/230V 1600 W/230V

Single Door Cabinets: Single door cabinets can accept a single GN 1/1 trolley and can chill or freeze between 60kg to 100kg of product. Choose from a number of models in this category, either blast chiller or combined chiller/freezer.

Model BC 960 SH BC/BF 960 SH BC 990 SH BC/BF 990 SH
Exterior dimensions mm (w x d x h) 1050x1050x2100 1050x1050x2100 1050x1050x2100 1050x1050x2100
Cooling capacity * 60 kg /90 min. 60 kg /90 min. 90 kg /90 min. 90 kg /90 min.
Freezing capacity ** - 60 kg / 6 h - 60 kg / 6 h
Blast freezing capacity*** - 35 kg / 2.5 h - 50 kg / 2.5 h
Required cooling power to= -10°C 7 kW - 10 kW -
Required cooling power to= -10 / -30°C - 7 kW/ 2.6 kW - 10 kW/ 3.7 kW
Connection power (room only) 410 W/230V 2060 W/230V 410 W/230V 2060 W/230V
Connection power (plug-in) - - - -

Double Door Pass-Through Rooms: Double door rooms have two separate compartments separated by a dividing wall. They can accommodate 2 trolleys, either GN 1/1 or GN 2/1. Each section can operate on independent cycles, provided both are chill or both are freeze, and just one section at a time can be used to reduce running costs.

Model BC 24-100 SH BC/BF 24-100 SH BC 48-20 SH BC/BF 48-200 SH
Exterior dimensions mm (w x d x h) 1500x1200x2100 1500x1200x2100 1500x2400x2100 1500x2400x2100
Cooling capacity * 100 kg /90 min 100 kg /90 min 2 x 100kg/90 min 2 x 100kg/90 min
Freezing capacity ** - 100 kg / 6 h - 2 x 100 kg / 6 h
Blast freezing capacity*** - 55 kg / 2.5 h - 2 x 55 kg / 2.5 h
Required cooling power to -10°C 10 kW - 2 x 10 kW
Required cooling power to= -10 / -30°C - 10 kW/3.7 kW - 2 x 10 kW/3.7 kW
Connection power (room only) 450 W/230V 2100 W/230V 900 W/230V 4200W/ 400V-3P
Connection power (plug-in) - - - -

Installation of Blast Chillers and Freezers

Our blast chillers and freezers can be connected to a central cooling system or a condensing unit located outside the building. The required connecting pipework and electrical connections are not provided, as requirements vary depending on the installation site, and need to be provided by the client or installer. The client also needs to ensure adequate drainage of the condensed water.

Porkka modular blast chiller and freezer are supplied in kit form, with the evaporator and controller section already assembled. This makes assembly easy and fast once on site. Once assembled, all that is required is appropriate connection to electricity and condenser unit, and the blast chiller/freezer is ready for operation.

Room format blast chillers are floorless, in order to allow trolley access. Blast chiller/freezer rooms include an insulated floor and require either a recessed floor to avoid a step between outside floor and inside floor, or installation of a ramp. If a recessed floor is preferred, this needs to be created prior to installation of the chiller/freezer room. To avoid problems arising from damp or freezing areas under the floor, the floor panels can, optionally, be equipped with heaters.

Blast Chillers / Blast Freezers - contact us now to discuss your requirements.