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Future & Future Plus Cabinets

Our ‘Future’ and ‘Future Plus’ series of commercial refrigerators and commercial freezers are designed to meet ( if not exceed ) the refrigeration operational needs and requirements of commercial food outlets such as kitchens, restaurants, shops, cafes  and many other professional food enterprises.

High Performance Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers

Designed for frequent and / or heavy use settings, our Future and Future Plus commercial refrigerators and freezers have been designed with ease of use, hygiene and energy efficiency in mind and feature a range of innovative design solutions to cope with the most demanding of environments.

An example being : All PORKKA solid door cabinets in our Future and Future Plus range are designed to operate up to climate class 5 and can cope with ambient temperatures up to +43C - ideal for warmer climates or hot kitchen environments. PORKKA have taken these exact design features and included the same within our GLASS DOOR cabinets, which are able to operate within ambient temperatures of up to +32C.

PORKKA have maximized the internal space inside our commercial freezers and refrigerators by top-mounting the refrigeration unit and putting the evaporator outside the cabinet this allied to the PORKKA  ‘easy to remove’ shelving design, combined with coved corners throughout make these cabinets extremely easy to keep clean.

Many commercial food operations are required to closely monitor and record temperatures in order to meet HACCP regulations. Our range of commercial freezers and refrigerators make this easy, with a clear digital temperature display on the front of the cabinet, as well as HACCP monitoring at the push of a button. XWEB remote internet monitoring and control is available as an option if required. In addition, our cabinets have a memory stick system for recording temperatures at regular intervals (e.g. every 15 seconds). Data can then be easily downloaded onto any PC with a USB port for archiving or data mining in Excel.

As with all Porkka products PORKKA aim to minimise environmental impact, so all our commercial refrigerators and freezers are CFC and HCFC free, as well as being manufactured to environmental standard ISO 14001. All PORKKA Future and Future Plus cabinets ARE energy efficient using a fast and efficient hot gas defrost systems which runs automatically, and new low energy condensers and evaporator fan motors which are switched off automatically when the door opens, thus preventing unnecessary loss of cold air. As well as saving energy, these measures all help to improve the overall performance of the cabinets.

And to ensure quality we also adhere to ISO 8561 and ISO 9001 standards, as well as meeting EU food safety standards.

Future Plus Commercial Freezers and Refrigerators

The Future Plus series of commercial refrigerators and freezers feature a highly energy efficient cooling system designed to minimise running costs.

This increased efficiency is achieved by drawing in cooler air from the base of the unit, reducing the amount of work required by the compressor. As a result, our Future Plus cabinets use 25% less energy than our Future cabinets. As well as reducing running costs this helps to prolong the life of the compressor unit and therefore the overall service life of the cabinet.

Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers - Temperature Options

Our Future and Future Plus ranges both offer a choice of 3 temperature ranges.
Chiller range operates between +1 and +12C and is suitable for general produce and ready-to-eat chilled foods.

Medium range operates between -5 and +12C and is designed for storage of fresh meat or fish.

Freezer range operates between -18 to -26C and is suitable for frozen produce of all kinds including ice cream.

Our range of models includes Combi cabinets with separate, independently controlled sections allowing different foods to be stored at different temperatures within the cabinet. There is a choice of Chiller/Chiller, Chiller/Freezer or Freezer/Freezer which are especially suited to smaller enterprises where space is limited.

Commercial Refrigerators - Models

Within the Future range there is a choice of 4 commercial refrigerators of different widths, all available as Chiller or Medium. All are 2030mm high and some models have a glass door option - ideal for displaying products in a retail setting. Glass door models are available in Chiller only.

The Future 520 is a single door cabinet with a very small footprint - just 600mm wide and 700mm deep - with a volume of 385 liters and 4 internal shelves. Solid door only.
The Future 720 is slightly wider than the 520 at 850mm, but still only 700mm deep, and with a volume of 586 liters, also with 4 shelves. Available with solid door only.

The Future 722 is 730mm wide and a little deeper than the 520 at 800mm, with 4 shelves and a volume of 577 liters. Available with a choice of solid or glass door.
The Future 1422 is the largest in the range with a width of 1460mm and a volume of 1245 liters. It is a double door cabinet, each half of the cabinet having 4 shelves each. Available with a choice of solid or glass door.
In the Future Plus range there are 4 different models in sizes to match the Future cabinets above, each available in Chiller or Medium.
The Future Plus 530, 730 and 732 are single door cabinets; the Future Plus 1432 is a double door cabinet.

Commercial Freezers - Models

The Future range includes commercial freezers to complement the refrigerator models listed above and includes the Future 520F, Future 720F, Future 722F and Future 1422F. Glass doors are available for the Future 722 and Future 1422 models.

This range also includes the Future 722 Combi freezer cabinet, available as Chiller/Freezer or Freezer/Freezer.

The Future Plus range also includes the 530F, 730F, 732F and 1432F commercial freezers, with identical dimensions and internal configurations as the Future Plus refrigerator range.


PORKKA FUTURE PLUS Cabinets have ALL been approved by the UK Carbon Trust Agency as regards Real Time Energy Saving capabilities …and as such carry their own EN accreditation .