Porkka Inventus Catering Fridges: Saving Your Business Time and Money

When choosing new equipment such as catering fridges and freezers, caterers want to be sure that it will help them to operate as efficiently and effectively as possible. All catering companies operating in the modern marketplace have to cope with constant demands on two fronts, as they strive to be more efficient in terms of both time and cost.

The new Porkka Inventus range helps with both of these needs, helping to increase productivity without sacrificing quality.

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Saving Catering Companies Time

Time pressure on catering businesses is greater today than ever before, not only in the area of fast food, but also for other types of restaurant and food production company. Customers expect to be served quickly, but still to receive top quality food. This means there is a constant effort to cut production time while at the same time achieving the best results.

Another area which has time implications is the array of regulations affecting catering businesses, for instance rules on hygiene. Ensuring compliance with all legislation and guidelines can easily take up a lot of staff time, putting further pressure on production.

Fortunately, the new specialist catering freezers and fridges from Porkka Inventus can help firms to meet all these demands. All cabinets in this range have been designed with streamlined construction which helps to ensure staff can work at speed. For instance, one time-saving feature is the magnetic door gaskets, which have been made to enable quick and easy opening and closing.

Various hygiene features have also been built in, to cut time spent on cleaning. These include a floor pan created as a single piece with rounded corners, eliminating the dirt traps found in some other commercial chillers and freezers, and making it possible to deep-clean at greater speed. Easy-to-read digital temperature displays and temperature recording, as well as alarms, also help to ensure that monitoring the equipment's performance and keeping records are quick and simple. This combination of features enables your staff to concentrate on the work of catering and so increases productivity.

Saving Catering Companies Money

As well as demands on their time, all catering businesses face pressure to keep down costs. Food companies are operating in a highly competitive environment, so customers can and will go elsewhere if they aren't satisfied with the price.

Inefficient equipment can quickly push up costs, because it is likely to mean that your power costs are unnecessarily high. A large element of modern catering businesses' costs comes from running appliances, including refrigeration equipment. On top of this, there is the risk that older and less efficient catering freezers or fridges may affect the quality of your products, and indeed a breakdown could lead to loss of production. This could lose you customers and so affect your profits.

However, Porkka Inventus meets these demands too, helping to save catering businesses money in their daily operations. Of course, saving staff time through state-of-the-art equipment in itself has financial benefits.

In addition to their time-saving features, Porkka Inventus catering fridges and freezers are highly reliable. They have been built with energy-saving construction which keeps power costs to a minimum, helping your bank balance along with the planet. The range's green features include the latest energy-saving refrigerant as well as high levels of thermal insulation to avoid power being wasted. This means these models cost hundreds of pounds a year less to run than some older freezers and fridges.

Cabinets from the range also come with a three-year parts and labour warranty, so no there is no need to worry about breakdowns. Alternatively, Porkka's leasing package is another option which can again help to save you money while providing regular servicing.

Tailored to Your Business Needs

The Porkka Inventus commercial refrigeration range includes a number of sizes, so that you can choose the equipment best suited to your own business needs. For instance, the C6 and F6 models have been specifically created to suit the demands of smaller bakeries and kitchens, providing top performance within a small footprint. As well as offering a choice of sizes, Inventus also features many options, such as adjustable shelves and the ability to add extra shelving and baskets, which means you can tailor the model you choose to the changing demands on your business.

When choosing Porkka Inventus catering fridges or freezers, you can be sure they will save you both time and money and help your business to look to the future with confidence.

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