Catering Refrigerators: Meeting Changing Customer Demands

Eating out is booming in the UK, with recent research showing that most of us have a meal at a pub or restaurant more than once a week. It has even been claimed the average person spends £4,000 a year on dining out, which is around 25% of the annual average individual income. All this means catering is a major sector of the economy, with many restaurants opening around the country. But it's also fiercely competitive, and to succeed in catering new businesses need to have the right equipment, including top-quality catering refrigerators.

Porkka is an innovative company which can be relied on for products which will help you to meet the latest trends and changing customer demands. Our range of catering refrigeration and freezer equipment includes the new Inventus range, with models featuring green construction and high levels of energy efficiency.

How Customer Demands Are Changing
The growing demand across Britain for quality food at a good price has led to a trend for “gastropubs”, where the emphasis is on food rather than just beer. It's well-known that pubs have had a tough time over recent years, hit by a range of factors including low alcohol prices in supermarkets. However, food-led pubs are now doing well because of competitive pricing and attractive meal deals, which are proving to be big draws for both occasional and regular diners.

Casual dining restaurants have also become increasingly popular across the UK, and, again, price and special offers are very important in attracting customers. Although many people eat out more often than in the past, there is evidence that they are expecting to pay less for each main course. To achieve a cost which will attract customers, restaurants need to save money wherever possible during production, without sacrificing quality.

Having effective refrigeration products in place is essential to meet these demands, helping you to avoid waste, maintain productivity and offer a wide range of dishes. Side dishes and sauces are increasingly popular and many people are happy to spend on these to accompany their main dish.

Cafe culture is also still a fast-expanding sector. Coffee shops now extremely popular for snacks on the go and have become a part of social life in the UK, used for meeting friends and colleagues. The top coffee chains' sales are expected to continue to soar over the next few years, while independent cafes are also popular with many. Refrigeration products are essential to these outlets, including chilled display cabinets for cakes, sandwiches and other items.

Our busy modern lifestyles mean that, whether at pubs, restaurants or coffee shops, there is a demand for speedy turnaround. Research has shown that customers won't return to an eating place if they meet with slow service and they will also warn friends about the problem. This means it is vital for caterers to ensure they can serve food quickly to meet customer expectations, and, again, having good catering refrigerators and freezers in place is all part of this.

How Can Catering Freezers and Refrigerators Help to Meet These Demands?
Porkka's range of professional catering freezers and refrigerators can help both gastropubs and 'casual dining' restaurants to achieve a fast turnaround, while at the same time maintaining quality and avoiding any appearance of food being mass-produced.

Our cabinets, including the Inventus range of commercial upright fridges and freezers, all offer flexible storage which can easily be configured to your requirements. By using reliable fridges which will keep food at the exact temperature required, it is possible to take advantage of fresh ingredients when in season and avoid waste, and to keep both raw ingredients and partly-made dishes ready. Using a blast chiller or freezer makes it possible to maintain even delicate flavours through a chilling process geared to the specific foodstuff being prepared.

Porkka also offers equipment particularly geared to the specialist requirements of coffee shops and cafes. These include our Display Line counters, chilled display units which enable cafes to showcase unusual and interesting snacks and sandwiches which can be stored at the optimum temperature while on display to customers. Self-service versions where customers can remove their own snacks are available, as well as those with rear access. Cold Line low level counters can also be used for food preparation and storage and again are ideal for cafes and smaller restaurants. One design of Cold Line counter is specifically intended for preparing salads and pizzas.

Porkka has built a reputation for quality over the years. All our catering refrigerators, freezers and other products are built with a focus on aspects such as energy efficiency and avoiding waste. This means they will enable caterers to ensure that high quality food is served quickly and at a good price, meeting all the demands of modern consumers.

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