Porkka Inventus: Seven Key Pointers for Choosing Commercial Fridges and Freezers

With so many different models on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right commercial fridges and freezers. So, if you are looking for new refrigeration equipment for your catering business, what are the key points you should consider before making your choice?

As a leading specialist company with many years of experience, Porkka has created its latest Inventus range to meet the needs and priorities of professional catering companies. Here we look at some of the main points to bear in mind before choosing a commercial upright fridge or freezer for your kitchen.

Commercial Upright Fridge  – Click here for details of the Porkka Inventus specialist catering refrigeration range. 

  1. How Much Space Do You Have Available? Pressure on space tends to be a fact of life in modern commercial kitchens, so there is a need to ensure that every appliance uses all available space as well as possible. The ideal is to choose a model which will provide the maximum amount of storage for its footprint. If you have a very small commercial kitchen, you might need a special bakery fridge or freezer specifically designed for this type of setting.

    Every model in the Inventus range is designed to give optimum storage for its size, and the interior space can easily be configured to your requirements, with adjustable stainless steel wire shelves and options of additional shelving or baskets. The models available also include a specialist bakery chiller, the C6, and bakery freezer, the F6.

  2. What's the Level of Ambient Heat? It can get very hot in commercial kitchens and this may put extra demands on refrigeration at busy times. Space is a consideration here too, since, in a smaller kitchen, it may not be possible to leave as much space between fridges and cooking appliances as you would ideally wish to.

    Choosing commercial freezers and fridges designed to cope with high levels of heat can help to ensure that the contents stay at the right temperature, even if there is a heatwave or the air conditioning goes wrong. Porkka Inventus fridges and freezers will all perform in ambient temperatures of up to +43C.

  1. How Energy-Efficient is the Model You're Considering? Running costs of fridges and freezers represent a high proportion of costs for any commercial kitchen. Therefore, a key consideration when choosing a new cabinet is to check not only that it meets all current energy efficiency standards, but that it has green features built in to maintain a high level of performance.

    In the case of the Porkka Inventus range, all the models have been independently assessed as meeting the A energy rating, as well as all criteria for the A+ rating even before its adoption.  Eco-features include a hydrocarbon refrigerant,  insulation with high-density polyurethane and an efficient condenser, complete with an easily-cleaned filter to maintain performance. 

  2. What Are the Hygiene Features? Hygiene is more vital than ever in modern kitchens with strict regulations and inspection regimes. Choosing equipment which is easy to clean is also important in terms of time, to ensure your staff don't have to spend too long on cleaning and sterilising.  Fortunately the Inventus range fully meets this requirement too, with the choice of materials and design of parts all geared to make cleaning straightforward and to avoid any dirt traps.

  3. What Alarms and Failsafes Are Built In? Choosing equipment which will largely monitor itself, with various different alarms and failsafes, means you can be sure that you will be alerted immediately if something goes wrong. Every Inventus commercial fridge or freezer has a number of alarms, monitoring everything from probe failure to a door left open, condenser cleaning and the temperature level, alerting you if it becomes too high or too low.

  4. Do You Need to Be Able to Move the Cabinet Within Your Kitchen? If you think you might need to move your fridge or freezer around to meet different catering requirements, it is helpful if castors are available as an option. This is the case for all of the Inventus range, meaning you will be able to move the cabinet to the point where it is needed.

  5. How Reliable is the Manufacturer? This is possibly the most important point to consider of all.  Commercial fridges or freezers are major pieces of equipment for a caterer, so you need to be sure that you are choosing top-quality kit which will give you the performance level you are expecting. A long guarantee helps to give reassurance, and it also helps if you know the manufacturer will be there in the future, so they can provide any support you need.

When you buy from Porkka, you are dealing with one of the leading European manufacturers and suppliers of commercial refrigeration equipment. With many years of experience, we have a track record to give confidence to customers. All the Inventus models also come with a 36-month warranty covering both parts and labour, helping to make them the right choice all round.

The fact that Porkka meets all these key requirements shows that Inventus is the right choice for commercial kitchens and caterers. For more information on our commercial fridges, follow the link.