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Cold Line Counters

Our Cold Line cabinets provide versatile and practical chilling and freezing solutions for a variety of catering scenarios. Also known as Arctic Counters, these cooling units are specifically designed to help display, prepare and keep food chilled or frozen. A distinctive feature of our cold line range is their height and mobility. They stand at worktop height (900mm) and have castor feet, allowing these cooling units to be easily moved around as required for catering functions in different locations.

Cold Line Cooling Unit Range

Our Cold Line is available in a number of different sizes and temperature ranges so that a full range of fresh and frozen foodstuffs, as well as drinks, can be catered for.

Arctic Counter cooling units are available in a choice of 4 temperature ranges: Chiller (+1 to +10C), Medium (-2 to +5C), Freezer (-18 to -20C) or Fish (-2 to +2C).

In addition, our Cold Line includes specially designed Saladette and Pizza Counter units (both +1 to +10C) which have additional design features to enable easy preparation and serving of salad and pizza, while maintaining hygienic temperatures via the cooling unit below. For instance, the Saladette Counter includes a dust cover at the front of the unit and features a salad well 150mm deep which can hold a number of containers holding different salad or sandwich ingredients.

All our Cold Line cooling units are available in a range of widths – from 860mm to 1660mm – and can hold either Gastronorm 1/1 or 2/1 containers on shelves. Additionally, chiller temperatures counters can be supplied with drawers instead of shelves, if preferred.

Cold Line - Example Usages

Our Arctic Counter cooling units can be used for a huge variety of catering scenarios. For example:

  • Temporary catering for a space without its own catering facilities e.g. function room in a hotel, outside catering.
  • Additional catering space within an existing restaurant or bar e.g. adding a sandwich or pizza making facility to an existing outlet.
  • Displaying ingredients for selection by customers.
  • Creating a "help yourself" display e.g. salad or drinks
  • Holding ingredients prior to being barbecued in an outside location.
  • Mobile catering e.g. festivals, weddings etc.
  • Suitable for schools and commercial/industrial applications

In short, our Cold Line provides the hygiene necessary for professional catering, combined with the mobility and flexibility needed to cater in a wide variety of locations.

Cold Line - Durable, Easy to Clean, Easy to Use and Energy Efficient

Our Arctic Counter cooling units are constructed from stainless steel for durability and hygiene, and the insulation is made from HCFC and CFC free urethane. This construction results in high efficiency cooling, helping to reduce running costs, and exceptionally easy cleaning.

Drawers, rails and runners are all easy to remove by hand (no special tools required) making cleaning extremely easy. Other elements such as handles and air filters are also easily removed and replaced without tools.

These units are also very easy to use, due to the telescopic runners on the drawers. And a variety of electronic features further enhance overall ease of operation, including a digital temperature display and easy defrost function. A steady temperature is maintained within the unit via air circulation fans, and HACCP food safety monitoring is available on all models. If required, self monitoring can be achieved over the internet via XWEB – just ask our sales team for more information.

For more information on our Cold Line Cooling Units - please contact us now to discuss your requirements.