Serving Up Fashionable Foods with a Cold Line Counter

It's now not just clothes where styling constantly changes, the same applies to food. Catering businesses are under increasing pressure to keep up with fast-moving food fashions – and this means not only trying new recipes and menus, but also having the right equipment. For instance, Porkka's Cold Line Counter range and refrigerated display cabinets can enable you to display and serve your latest culinary creations in style.

The trend for foodie fashion is not just being driven by all the hugely popular TV food programmes and cookery books. A younger generation of cooks also take inspiration from a whole variety of food bloggers and vloggers, who have built up devoted followings. Yet another aspect of gourmet styling is food festivals, which regularly draw crowds across the UK. These include the BBC Good Food Summer in the City show and A Taste of London, featuring food demonstrations and interactive masterclasses.

Food as a Fashion Item
When it comes to planning a dinner party or any kind of event which involves eating, many dedicated followers of food fashion immediately go online. Food has become something which sees ever-shifting styles, drawing from around the world. For instance, Tiger prawn dishes, crab cakes and other seafood delights could be on the menu in a food blog from Singapore, while Italian sites will spotlight all kinds of seasonal pasta ideas.

For anyone looking for an alternative to traditional lettuce and tomato, there are whole sites devoted to summer salads with many weird and wonderful ingredients, including the latest superfoods and health foods. Ice cream also has a strong web presence, with suggestions for all kinds of unusual flavours, from violets to ginger snaps and even savoury ices.

Younger budding chefs take inspiration from these varied sites, and use social media platforms to exchange photos or even videos of their latest masterpieces. However, not everyone is a keen cook, and many customers who have seen these products online not only want to try making them, but also want to buy these foods prepared by experts. That means looking to commercial caterers to serve up these dishes.

Of course, TV cookery is still highly influential. For instance, MasterChef and The Great British Bake Off have fuelled interest not only in creating elaborate dinner menus, cakes and desserts, but also in eating those crafted by others!

Food Festivals
The enthusiasm for designer dishes means that food festivals have really caught on and become far more popular in recent years. Scores of events both large and small have contributed to a trend which is spreading across the country.

For instance, the BBC Good Food Shows include Summer in the City in London as well as events in other areas of the country. They feature celebrity chefs such as TV's Paul Hollywood and James Martin cooking live on stage, healthy eating forums and dieticians' clinics. A Taste of London, in Regents Park in June, celebrates the joys of al fresco eating, with mini-dishes from many top restaurants.

There are also many other major food festivals around the UK, such as the Ludlow Food Festival, held in September, which has been based at the town's historic castle for more than 20 years, and the largest cheese show in the world, held in Nantwich. Just about every popular food or drink, from chocolate to coffee to oysters, also has its own themed event, or even several different ones.

Catering businesses can also be a part of many food events, ranging from these major food festivals to agricultural shows and smaller local food fairs. It's often possible to take a stand to showcase your latest products, allowing visitors both to sample and to buy.

This means you need to have the right type of refrigeration equipment to serve your foods in style at these functions. The Cold Line Counter range from Porkka is especially well suited for catering at varied locations. These units are built to be mobile and mounted on castors, making them ideal for use at an outside event or in a building which doesn't have its own catering facilities.

Also known as Arctic Counters, these versatile cabinets stand at worktop height and can be used to display ingredients or create a display where customers can help themselves, for instance to salad items or drinks. They are also suitable for holding ingredients in preparation for a barbecue or cookery demonstration.

As well as taking part in food-themed events, you may also want to bring some of the atmosphere of a food festival into your own catering premises, perhaps by creating a spectacular salad display. Flake ice making machines can be used to create presentations with impact that will serve as a centrepiece for your restaurant, while refrigerated display cabinets are ideal for showcasing chilled foods.

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