Cold Room Manufacturers

Porkka is one of the leading cold room manufacturers in the world, offering a wide range of cold rooms, freezer rooms and chillers for commercial use. We supply customers worldwide and have manufacturing plants in Europe and the Far East.

All cold room manufacturers are having to face up to multiple challenges, in particular the rise in ambient temperatures worldwide, the requirement to reduce energy consumption and ever more stringent food safety (HACCP) regulations.

Porkka have always had an ongoing commitment to design and development, and our cold rooms have all been redesigned to fully meet these challenges.

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What You Need From a Cold Room Manufacturer

If you’re looking around for a cold room manufacturer, what do you really need?

Of course, you want all the regulation issues to be taken care of, so you can spend time running your business, rather than monitoring your cold room.

But in terms of everyday running, what you really want is a solution that fits into your available space easily, has maximum features and versatility, but without having to pay a bespoke price.

At Porkka we can provide this, through our huge range of standard sized modular cold rooms. We have 81 standard sizes ranging in volume from 1.2m3 to 22m3.

In addition, each “standard” option can be additionally customised. For instance:

  • Refrigeration units can be supplied either in left or right hand configuration

  • Doors can be hung for either left or right opening

  • Any temperature range can be specified

  • Choice of 80mm or 100mm insulation

  • Choice of 2100mm or 2400mm external height

All these customisations effectively mean a choice of several hundred different configurations to choose from, ensuring that you will find a solution to meet your needs.

More Reasons to Choose Porkka as Your Cold Room Manufacturer

Unique Shelving

Porkka cold rooms are supplied with our own unique 4 tier shelving system. Designed with practicality and ease of use in mind, they provide maximum storage while still enabling easy access. Our shelving units have steel supports and polypropylene hurdles are designed to be easily removed for cleaning and can be provided for either 2 or 3 walls, depending on client needs.

Safety Features

Door handles are fitted with an emergency entrapment release as standard, enabling someone locked inside the room to override the lock mechanism. The release control is illuminated, making it easy to locate, even in the dark.

Damage Prevention

To prevent doors from freezing shut (particularly important for freezer rooms) we fit heaters to all four edges of the door frame.

And for larger rooms, Porkka offer the option to incorporate panel heaters into the floor to prevent floor damage due to “frost heave” which can sometimes occur due to the difference in internal and external temperatures.

Trolley Access

Customers frequently need to be able to take stock in and out of the cold room using a trolley.

This is not a problem for a floorless chiller room, but for medium and freezer rooms, which have an 80-100mm insulated floor, this change of levels can be problem for trolley access.

Cold rooms can be delivered without an insulated floor for roll-in trolley operation. In this instance wall panels are placed on an insulated plinth which is fixed to the floor of the main building. There is no threshold and the door is fitted with a heavy duty sweeper gasket to ensure a good seal. Note the interior floor finish is the responsibility of the purchaser.

Another option with medium temperature and freezer room applications is to have the floor recessed into a suitable aperture, the refrigeration unit and door made slightly shorter and the door fitted with a sweeper gasket. These rooms are then also suitable for trolley operation.

Easy to Use and Monitor

With just 9 main display elements, Porkka control panels are designed to quickly show you how the cold room is functioning but without overwhelming you with useless information.

There are 4 indicator lights, showing Compressor running, Defrosting in progress, Evaporator fan running, and Alarm.

Then there are 3 switches, for Additional manual defrost, Internal light and Standby/power off, and 1 control for temperature adjustment.

Finally, there is a temperature and information display. The display includes mandatory HACCP (hazard analysis critical control point) features and automatically records maximum and minimum temperatures. The control unit can also be linked up to a PC and is provided with a volt free contact allowing connection to a BMS alarm system.

The control unit constantly monitors that temperatures are within acceptable limits, as set by the customer. Should the unit exceed these limits an alarm is set off which is both visible and audible, to ensure prompt attention.

Advanced Air Management

On our air cooled rooms, air is drawn in lower down on the unit. This helps with energy efficiency because lower level air is cooler than higher level air and thus requires less cooling to achieve the required temperature.

Incoming air is also filtered to prevent dust and dirt entering the condenser, which helps to extend the overall life of the equipment. The control panel will automatically indicate when the filter needs cleaning, and the filter itself is designed to be easily cleaned or replaced.