Commercial Chillers from Porkka Inventus: Ensuring Compliance Now and in the Future

Regulatory compliance has never been more important for catering companies. As well as ensuring food is of high quality, you also need to be able to demonstrate that it has been produced in a safe and hygienic environment and that you are meeting energy efficiency requirements. The latest commercial chillers and freezers from Porkka Inventus can help to ensure you comply in all these areas.

In addition to being built to meet the regulations of today, these new models are also made with the demands of the future in mind. So choosing Inventus means you can be sure of compliance, not only now but also in the years ahead.

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Safety and Hygiene

Catering firms need to comply with various regulations concerning food safety and hygiene, which are becoming ever tighter. These include making sure that food is chilled properly and refrigeration equipment is kept at the proper temperature. Caterers also need to follow a thorough cleaning regime, taking in all areas where food is produced, stored and served. Regular inspections are carried out to ensure that the required standards are met, and restaurants and takeaway premises increasingly display “scores on the doors”, stating their hygiene rating.

The new Porkka Inventus range uses the latest technology to ensure compliance with all relevant regulations. Anyone using commercial freezers and chillers from the range will find it easy to ensure that food is stored at the proper temperature, because of high-tech features including a clear digital temperature display controlled by an inbuilt microprocessor, as well as maximum and minimum temperature recording. For added peace of mind there are also several alarms and failsafes included in each unit, including a door open alarm and a visual alarm which is alerted if the temperature is too high or too low.

Another major advantage of this range in achieving hygiene compliance is that all the fridges and freezers have been built for easy cleaning. There are no corners where dirt can be trapped, because of the rounded-corner construction, and the shelves can also be easily removed to ensure quick and efficient cleaning.

Energy Efficiency

Rules governing the energy efficiency of commercial fridges and freezershave been tightened in recent years and are due to become even more stringent over the next few years, with the introduction of new EU standards. The EU is gradually introducing new labelling regulations governing the power use and types of refrigerant used in refrigeration equipment.

Porkka Inventus are among the most efficient and greenest models on the market, with a number of energy-saving features. This includes high levels of insulation with high-density polyurethane, as well as an efficient hermetic air-cooled refrigerant system, using the latest hydrocarbon refrigerant, R290.

As a result of this power-saving design, cabinets in the range have been rated by www.topten.eu, an independent website, as meeting the 'A' energy rating. Inventus cabinets also already comply with the specifications for the A+ rating, which is due to be introduced in the future. This means they are not just meeting the current energy rules, but also already meet the new standards even before they are introduced.

Confidence for the Future

When you buy new commercial chillers or freezers for your restaurant or catering company, it is important to deal with a company with a good track record for reliability. A long guarantee is another important consideration which can give peace of mind.

Porkka fits the bill, since we have a reputation for quality products built up over many years. We offer a three-year parts and labour warranty on new Inventus freezers and chillers, so you can be confident in their performance. It is also possible to take out a leasing deal which includes preventive maintenance visits, again helping to ensure compliance with regulations.

Catering firms have many reasons to choose new equipment from Porkka Inventus, including top quality design and performance. The amount of choice available, with units of different sizes and flexibility in how they can be configured, is another reason to choose equipment from the range. Above all, any catering company choosing Porkka Inventus can be sure that all the commercial refrigerators and freezers have been built to the highest standards, with both performance and regulatory compliance in mind.

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