Commercial Cold Rooms

Cold Room Construction and Installation

Any business or organisation involved in large scale catering or food supply is going to require a commercial cold room to provide sufficient storage space and to ensure that food is kept at optimum temperatures for freshness and safety. A commercial cold room is also a must for institutions requiring non-edible produce and supplies to be kept at specified temperatures, such as medical laboratories or flower producers.

Porkka supply and install a range of commercial cold rooms for industrial kitchens, restaurants, fast food outlets, hotels, hospitals, laboratories and retailers.

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Our modular cold rooms range in volume from 1.2m3 to 22m3, with 81 standard options. But this rises to several hundred possible variations depending on what additional options the customer chooses, such as whether to have right or left hand opening doors, what thickness of insulation to choose, what unit height to choose and so on.

What this all means is that a customer can easily find a Porkka solution that fits their particular needs, but without having to pay custom-built prices.

Finally, at Porkka we understand that most of our customers are not refrigeration experts and so all of our solutions are turnkey, meaning that they are ready to be used as soon as they are installed.

Let’s take a look at the process for getting a Porkka commercial cold room installed at your premises.

Please note, the following assumes that the installation will be carried out by a Porkka engineer. For self-installation, you will need to be, or have access to, a qualified refrigeration engineer. For a self-install, there is no site survey carried out by Porkka.

Step 1: Clarify Operational Requirements

The first thing to do, before contacting Porkka, is to have a rough idea of the size of room you need, based on available floor space at your premises and the storage volume required for your operation.

Next, is to decide what temperature ranges you require to meet the needs of your operation. There are three ranges to choose from: Chiller (+2 to +12C), Medium (-2 to +5C) or Freezer (-18 to -22C). If your required temperature range spans these ranges, you may need more than one room.

Getting clear about your size and temperature requirements may take some thought, especially if you are a new business, but it is time well spent to ensure your new commercial cold room delivers what you need.

Step 2: Choose a Room

Once these two main factors have been decided, the next stage is to browse our website or literature and choose one of the rooms described there, based on what seems most likely to meet your needs.

Alternatively, you can call or email Porkka with the information and we will advise you which option or choice of options is appropriate for you.

We also supply a CD Rom disk to architects, kitchen designers, shop designers etc, which enables the plan view of a selected room model to be incorporated into a total floor plan drawing. Designers can then try out different options within their overall design to see which fits best, or which their customer prefers.

At this stage we can supply an initial quote, which is subject to site survey – which is the next step in the order process.

Step 3: Site Survey

The next stage is for Porkka to visit your premises and conduct a site survey. This will include checking measurements and looking for any issues which might affect the installation, such as site access.

The survey is also an opportunity to make final decisions about some of the additional options which are affected by site conditions. These include the room height (2100 or 2400mm), insulation thickness (80 or 100mm), whether the room will need a floor or not, and if so whether trolley access will be required, and the type of refrigeration unit to be installed (air cooled or remote heat disposal).

Any problems noticed during the survey will be discussed with the customer and resolved prior to going ahead with any installation.

Step 4: Delivery and Installation

Once a solution is firmly decided upon, based on the site survey and customer agreement, an order is placed for the cold room.

If the required room is in stock, delivery can typically be made in 3-4 days. We hold comprehensive stock to make this as likely as possible. If it is not in stock, delivery is usually between 3-4 weeks from receipt of order.

Once the room has been delivered, a Porkka trained sub-contractor will attend the premises to construct and install the room to the point that it is ready to be used.

The time taken to install depends on the size of the room, but most straightforward installations can be achieved within one day. As an example, a room of 5m3 volume would usually take about 3 hours to install – but this may be more for a room using remote heat disposal.

Step 5: Post-Installation

All Porkka cold rooms have a standard 2 year warranty from the date of installation.

Customers can choose between a Parts Only Warranty, or a Parts and Labour Warranty.

Refrigeration companies can usually supply the necessary labour themselves and so will generally opt for the Parts Only Warranty, but most other customers will opt for the Parts and Labour Warranty.

The expected life of a cold room is 10-20 years depending on how well they are treated and serviced.