Create a Sustainable Kitchen with a Commercial Freezer from Porkka Inventus

Sustainability is something that all modern caterers must keep constantly in mind. Whether you are fitting out a whole kitchen or just replacing key equipment, such as a commercial freezer or fridge, green credentials are key factors to consider.

Porkka has a strong environmental record, and has created the Inventus range of energy efficient freezers and fridges to be as eco-friendly as possible. Here we look at some of the factors to consider when choosing and using kitchen equipment, to operate sustainably and avoid waste.

The best way forward is to build sustainability into every aspect of your kitchen's design and procedures. This will mean you don't have to keep thinking about how to operate in a “green” way when you are busy serving customers. With the right equipment and methods in place, environmentally-friendly working can become automatic.

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The Need for Sustainability
Operating sustainably is increasingly seen as essential for all businesses, including those in the catering sector. There is an ever-growing focus on need to avoid wasting the planet's resources, with pressure on all companies to be open about their carbon footprint.

Against a background of growing regulatory demands on the energy front from both national government and the EU, it is vital to ensure compliance. The catering industry as a whole needs to show it is responsible to avoid being hit with more legislation.

There is also a strong cost reason for making energy saving a priority. Running inefficient equipment and wasting food doesn't just damage the planet but also affects a company's bottom line. Energy represents a large part of running costs for caterers, and an inefficient commercial fridge or freezer will translate into higher bills.

Choosing Sustainable Equipment
To make your commercial kitchen more sustainable, you will want to be sure every appliance you install fits the highest standards of construction. In the case of a commercial freezer or fridge, this means choosing a model where environmental criteria have been applied to every component. All cabinets in the Inventus range use the latest hydrocarbon green refrigerant within a hermetic air cooled system, with a highly efficient condenser and optimum levels of insulation. 

As well as looking at the components, you will need to look at the energy rating and performance for any commercial fridge or freezer you are considering. It can be very confusing trying to work out which models are most efficient, so look at independent evidence such as the topten.eu website. This site has rated all models in the Porkka Inventus range as A class, and they also already meet the criteria for the new A+ classification.

Another important factor in choosing new commercial refrigeration equipment is to be sure it is built to last. If a fridge or freezer starts to operate less efficiently after a short time, or even has to be replaced, this is very wasteful in terms of resources. Choosing equipment from an established firm with a good reputation, such as Porkka, means you can be confident of reliable performance.

Using Equipment Sustainably

Design: Sustainable kitchen design means having items in the right place, so that staff don't have to keep rushing about. If space is limited, it will help to choose space-saving models which can fit into a small area, such as the F6 and C6 Inventus bakery fridge and bakery freezer models.

Servicing: Keeping equipment regularly serviced, so that it is operating at peak efficiency, is another sustainability must. It helps if your equipment comes with a long guarantee or leasing package which includes servicing.

Opening Doors: You will want to avoid opening the doors of fridges and freezers too often, wasting energy. If a few items are needed, remove them together where possible. It helps here if the items can be found easily and if cabinets can be opened and closed quickly. A door open alarm is a useful safeguard.

Temperature: For maximum efficiency, refrigeration equipment needs to be run at the right temperature – not too low, which will waste energy and could damage food quality, or too high, leading to spoilt produce. The best models allow you to set an exact temperature and maintain it, with alarms and fail safes to alert you if the temperature goes too high.

Hygiene: Keeping fridges and freezers clean at all times is obviously vital in terms of hygiene, but also again boosts their operating efficiency and sustainability. Choosing a model which has been constructed for easy cleaning, avoiding dirt traps, will make this easier.

The design of every commercial freezer and fridge within the Porkka Inventus range meets all these various points. Key features include doors designed for quick opening and shutting, digital temperature control and recording of maximum and minimum temperature, all protected by alarms.

The cabinets have also been designed to make cleaning easy. And our three-year warranty covering parts and labour, or the option of leasing with regular maintenance, will give you peace of mind. All this means choosing Porkka Inventus, which makes it easier to operate your commercial kitchen sustainably, even when you are under pressure from high customer demand.

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