Commercial Freezers For Sale

Porkka has a wide range of commercial freezers for sale to meet the needs of all types of small and large organisations and to cater for all types of stock refrigeration. Our commercial freezer range includes small and light duty freezers suitable for smaller enterprises, through to large cabinets and blast chillers for larger business with multiple requirements.

This page provides a description of the main features and uses of the commercial freezers for sale in the Porkka range.

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Cold Line Counters
Porkka arctic counter range includes several freezer options to provide both freezer storage and valuable worktop space. Mounted on castors, they can be easily located wherever they may be required within a work or retail area.
Arctic counter freezer units provide a worktop height of 900mm and are available in a choice of 2 widths (860mm or 1260mm) and a single standard depth (650mm). Each cabinet within the unit is supplied with 2 internal shelves. Operating temperature is between -18 and -20C.

Blast Freezers
Normal commercial freezers are designed to maintain the temperature of stock which is put into the freezer already at or close to the required temperature, and to hold it at that temperature for an indefinite period.

By contrast, blast freezers are designed to bring non-frozen products down to frozen temperatures within a short period of time, at which point the product is typically removed and placed into conventional freezer storage. Blast freezers are used in operations where food is cooked or prepared at room temperature but then needs to be quickly frozen prior to being transported or moved to long term storage.

The main purpose of blast freezing is to minimise the period of time spent at mid-range temperatures where bacteria production is at its highest. This is necessary for food safety but also helps to extend the shelf life of the product. A secondary benefit to the business is that stock spends less time sitting around in work areas while it cools, allowing for faster throughput. Porkka blast chillers include a microprocessor control unit which records usage and provides monitoring evidence necessary for HACCP regulations.

Blast freezers are not rated according to the usual temperature range given for other freezers. Instead they operate in terms of freezing capacity, defined as the volume of product that can be frozen within a given time. Porkka blast freezers are available to provide the following blast freezing capacities: 25kg/2.4h, 35kg/2.5h, 50kg/2.5h, 55kg / 2.5h and 2 x 55kg / 2.5h

Some Porkka blast freezers may also be used as blast chillers. And in between blast jobs, they may be used for general storage – making them an extremely versatile piece of equipment.

Future Cabinet Freezers
Porkka’s Future Cabinet freezers are a new addition to our range of heavy duty commercial freezers. They have been developed over a period of two years and have superior hygiene, energy efficiency and ease of use features.

All freezers in the Future range are uprights with solid doors, in a choice of 4 widths: 600mm, 730mm, 850mm (all single doors) and 1460mm (double doors). Operating temperature is -18 to -26C, the lowest operating range of all our freezers. Standard Future cabinet freezers are single door with, but separate cabinet options are available in the Future Combi range. This allows a choice of either chiller/freezer combination, or freezer/freezer combination (e.g if food separation is needed).

Additional features include temperature display with alarm, internal coving for hygiene and ease of cleaning, auto defrost, castors as standard, anti-tilt shelving and lock and keys.

Future Plus Cabinet Freezers
Future Plus freezer cabinets have all the features of the Future range, but in addition offer enhanced energy efficiency. An innovative cold air filter in the cabinet base draws clean, cooler air onto the refrigeration unit. This cooler air requires less cooling resulting in a reduction in power consumption.