Commercial Ice Making Machines

Commercial ice making machines are essential equipment for just about any business serving cold drinks to the public such as hotels, bars, cafés and restaurants. A commercial ice making machine needs to produce ice cubes quickly and in a form which is immediately ready to put into ice buckets or drinks. Commercial ice making machines also need to be extremely hygienic and so need to be able to use clean water straight from the mains.

There are three main categories of commercial ice making machine to suit different types of application. Porkka makes and sells a variety of commercial ice making machines, including ice cube machines, ice flake machines, and vertical plate cubers. If the quantity of ice required is large, you may also need an ice cube storage bin to place cubes into ready for use. This page describes what each type of commercial ice making machine is most suitable for and gives details of the Porkka products available in each category.

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Ice Cube Machines

Perhaps the most common type of commercial ice making machine, ice cube machines turn mains supplied water into ice cubes suitable for drinks or ice buckets.

Porkka’s range of ice cube machines can make between 1,000 and 14,500 cubes per day, so whatever your business size there will be a unit to meet your needs.

Ice cubes are formed by spraying water onto refrigerated cups, so that the ice builds up in layers. Because the ice is formed from flowing water, there is no time for air bubbles to form in the ice, resulting in clear, hard ice cubes which last well in drinks.

When the ice cubes have reached the right size, they are then harvested. The cups are heated slightly, causing the ice cubes to detach and fall into the storage bin. Fresh water is immediately drawn into the machine to begin the cube making cycle again. The making/harvesting cycle continues until the machine detects that the bin is full, at which point it switches off automatically. Taking the cubes out for use causes the unit to detect that the bin is no longer full, and the machine will turn itself on and begin making more ice. Personnel therefore do not need to attend to the machine during operation, except to take out ice as it is needed.

Porkka’s range of ice cube making machines can be either air or water cooled – water cooled machines produce slightly more ice cubes compared to an air cooled machine of the same size. All machines are made from stainless steel bodywork with food grade plastic storage bins and can either sit on a shelf or be freestanding with legs.

Porkka ice cube making machines are available in ten different physical sizes and cube making capacities. The smallest is the KL21 which can make up to 1110 cubes per day (about 20kg of ice) and is just 587mm high and 345mm wide. The largest is the KL301 which makes up to 14550 cubes per day (about 262kg of ice) and is 774mm high and 960mm wide. For even larger ice requirements the KL301 and KL171 machines are stackable and are designed to sit on storage bins, allowing large quantities of ice to be made in advance.

Alternatively, consider one of our vertical plate cuber machines (see below).

Vertical Plate Cubers

Our vertical plate cubers make ice cubes, but faster and in a more compact space. They use advanced technology to create cubes 25x25x25mm in size.

There are four vertical plate cubers in the Porkka range. The smallest is the KV150 which can make 12,090 cubes per day and is just 675mm high. The largest is the KV400 which can make 32,910 cubes per day – well over double the capacity of our largest conventional ice cube making machine.

Like all our ice making machines they are constructed using stainless steel bodywork and plastic internal storage bins. They also have a built in cleaning system which minimises the manual cleaning required.

Ice Flake Machines

If you need ice for storage or display purposes, e.g. to place fish or fresh meat upon, then you will need an ice flake machine. Flaked ice is also useful for making some types of cocktails. A Porkka commercial ice flake machine is specially designed to produce flakes which are dry. This stops the flakes sticking together, making the ice easy to handle and scoop out or spread around for a display.

Ice is formed on a vertical plate, and then scraped off at a constant rate. As the flakes are taken out of the ice formation chamber, excess water is pushed out of the ice and back into the machine. Like the ice cube making machines, Porkka’s flake machines continue to make flakes until the storage bin is full, at which point it switches off automatically.

There are 11 models of ice flake machines in the Porkka range, the smallest of which is the KF75 which can make up to 78kg of flakes per day. The largest is the KF2500 which can make up to 2375kg per day.

Ice Cube Storage Bins

An ice storage bin allows large amounts of ice to be made in advance and stored ready for use for several hours. They are useful for establishments or events where large numbers of people require drinks in a short space of time, compared to a steady flow of fewer people over a longer time.

Porkka makes three different sized storage bins, allowing the storage of between 100kg and 250kg of ice cubes or flakes. They are made of stainless steel bodywork with thick insulation and foodsafe plastic internal liners which have no corners or dirt traps. This keeps the ice in a hygienic environment which is very easy to keep clean.

Access to the stored ice is via a large front flap allowing ice to be scooped out using either glasses or larger ice canisters and buckets. The top of the storage bin is open, ready to have an ice cube or ice flake machine mounted over it. Alternatively, once full, a storage bin can be used as an ice well to place bottles or other products directly into the ice