Commercial Refrigerators for Sale

If you’re looking for commercial refrigerators for sale you may well be feeling overwhelmed by the number and variety of models available. Porkka offer a wide range of commercial refrigerators for sale including cold line counters, blast chillers, heavy duty cabinets and specialist display merchandisers, most available with either solid or glass doors. So if you’re not sure which type you need, Porkka will be happy to advise you.

To get you started, here is a quick overview of the commercial refrigerators for sale in the Porkka range, with a description of the main features and uses of each.

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Solid or Glass Doors?

Most commercial refrigerators for sale in our range are available with either solid or glass doors. It is useful to know about the operating features of each to help you choose a refrigerator to meet your needs.

Glass doors are useful in sales environments to help display products (e.g. chilled drinks) but can also be useful to staff in work areas with multiple cabinets, making it easier and quicker to locate required ingredients.

The main difference between solid and glass doors is that a solid door is more efficient at heat retention and can operate in higher ambient temperatures: 43C for solid doors compared to 32C for glass doors.

So for general use, a solid door will give you better energy efficiency, and in ambient temperatures over 32C a solid door will be essential. But for lower ambient temperatures, the reduced energy efficiency of a glass door option may be offset by the need for a display element or improved work efficiency.

Cold Line Counters

Our Cold Line counter units are specialist commercial refrigerators for sale in the Porkka range, providing a combination of refrigeration and worktop space. They are mounted on castors as standard, enabling them to be easily moved to wherever they may be required within a work or retail area.

Cold Line counters are available in a variety of widths (2, 3 or 4 cabinet widths) and a choice of two depths (700mm and 800mm). Access to produce is via drawers or doors, and doors may be either solid or glass. The range includes specialist sandwich and pizza preparation tables, as well as specialist salad bar, bakery and fish storage. The full range of temperature options is available: chiller, medium and freezer.

Blast Chillers

Blast chillers are refrigerators designed to bring down the temperature of a product to a set temperature within a designated period of time. They are essential in kitchens where food is prepared hot or at room temperature but which then needs to be refrigerated prior to serving or transporting.

This contrasts with normal commercial refrigeration in which produce is typically delivered at or close to the required storage temperature and simply needs to be transferred to an environment already at the right temperature.

Blast chilling reduces the time the product spends at critical bacteria-producing temperatures, which improves the overall hygiene of the product, as well as extending its shelf life. Modern HACCP regulations require many food processing businesses to be able to prove how quickly a product was chilled down. Porkka blast chillers include a microprocessor control unit which records usage and provides evidence of chill time.

Instead of being rated according to temperature range, blast chillers are rated according to the volume of product which can be cooled per 90 minutes. Porkka supply blast chillers which can achieve 30kg/90min, 60kg/90min, 90kg/90min, 100kg/90min and 2 x 100kg/90min in a variety of different sizes and configurations.

Produce entering blast chillers typically does not stay there once it has achieved the required temperature, but will be moved off to static refrigeration areas. And so the larger Porkka blast chillers are designed to allow trolley access, enabling hot produce to be wheeled in quickly and then wheeled out again once it has been chilled to the correct temperature.

Many of Porkka’s blast chillers also include a blast freezing function.

Future Cabinets

Future cabinets are Porkka’s newest range of heavy duty commercial refrigerators. They are the result of 2 years of research and development and have been designed with energy efficiency, low running costs, versatility and ease of use in mind.

They are available in chiller, medium or freezer, or in combination units: chiller/chiller, chiller/freezer or freezer/freezer. Chiller/chiller and freezer/freezer units are useful where food separation is needed or where multiple chill/freeze zones are required.

There are 4 models of Future Cabinet to choose from, offering a choice of four widths and two depths, and are available with solid or glass doors. Additional features include full internal coving which means no food traps and ease of cleaning, heavy duty hinges, automatic defrost, castors as standard and anti-tilt shelving.

Future Plus Cabinets

Porkka’s Future Plus commercial refrigerator cabinets have all the features and size combinations as the Future range. What sets them apart is their superior energy efficiency. They use a special cold air filter in the cabinet base to draw clean cooler air onto the refrigeration unit. This reduces the amount of cooling required, resulting in reduced power consumption.

Display Line Counters

Designed specifically for use in customer retail areas, display merchandisers are commercial refrigerators which also allow products to be attractively displayed. They are used, for example, to store pre-chilled drinks in supermarkets and convenience stores, but can be used to display any chilled products requiring 4 to 8C refrigeration.