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DHMC™Heated Food Storage

The challenge for hot food storage has always been how to maintain heated food at required temperatures without the appearance and quality of the food deteriorating ..OR more importantly compromising food taste and quality.

Traditional heated food storage results in evaporation of moisture from the food, which can cause shrinking and dryness. As well as limiting the amount of time the food can be kept in hot food storage, also resulting in food wastage …if food is kept in storage for too long.

Uniquely... with the Porkka DHMC Heated Food Storage system, hot food storage times can be greatly extended, without any noticeable loss of moisture or food core temperatures . Thus enabling stored foods to be served to the same quality , taste , appearance , texture and nutritional value as when they first where placed into this remarkable unit .

Since this Products launch , in 2008 …… the PORKKA D.H.M.C. has been purchased by the M.O.D. for use , both here within the UK , as well as high conflict regions , such as Afghanistan...

Further UK Public Sectors have purchased this unit , which culminated with the PORKKA D.H.M.C. being awarded an ‘Innovation Award’ by L.A.C.A. ( Local Authorities Catering Association ) .

Within the Private Sector , this unit has also been widely specified , and is currently in use …. this includes the UK Leisure & Retail Industry , as well as major UK Sporting Venues & Stadia …with major Hotel Groups using , or considering this PORKKA Counter as their main HOT FOOD Holding Unit .

DHMC Heated Food Storage - How it Works

The DHMC cabinet consists of 3 sections in which hot air is fan-circulated for even temperature distribution. This is an essential part of hot food storage in order to maintain consistent food temperatures (above the critical temperature of 62.5C) throughout the unit. In a traditional hot food storage cabinet, the passing of dry air over the food surface causes moisture to be pulled out of the food and into the air, resulting in evaporation. At the bottom of the DHMC unit is a water tray which, when heated, results in the air within the cabinet becoming very humid and slightly pressurised. When the humidity of the air in the cabinet matches the moisture levels in the food, a state of equilibrium is reached and evaporation stops. So, as hot, humid air passes over the food, any moisture which evaporates from the food is replaced with moisture from the air - resulting in little or no net loss of moisture.

DHMC Heated Food Storage - Efficient and Easy to Use

The DHMC unit can hold up to 18 GN 1/1 trays, which means it can provide hot food storage for large groups of people over a longer time - for instance school meals. The use of GN size trays means that food can be transferred immediately from cooking units into the DHMC, which further helps to avoid exposure of the food to the air prior to serving.

All inner and outer surfaces are made from stainless steel, making the whole unit hygienic and easy to clean. Internal components of the DHMC - trays, water trays, internal walls and runners - can all be easily removed by hand, and are all small enough to go through a commercial dishwasher.

The extended hot food storage times allow for increased operational flexibility and efficiency, by allowing more food to be cooked in larger batches in advance, and then safely stored within the DHMC prior to serving.
And the DHMC is extremely energy efficient too. Because the unit is very well sealed when the doors are closed, this results in good heat retention and lower running costs. We estimate that the DHMC operates at around 0.18 KwH, compared to a traditional cabinet which operates at around 1.5 kWh.

As with most of the Porkka range, the DHMC is available with full HACCP monitoring capability, including XWEB internet monitoring if required.

DHMC Heated Food Storage - What Our Customers Are Saying:

“The DHMC is an excellent addition to our banqueting service.”
“Our schools meal offering to our children is now much better.”
“We use the DHMC to improve our room service menu and have increased our sales significantly.”
“When we cater for large numbers in a short period of time the DHMC is indispensable.”
“We cater for about 400 covers on match days and conferences. When a new kitchen was required, we decided to go for a new 'Hot and Hold' concept. This uses 2 x combi ovens and 2 x Porkka DHMC counters and allows us to cook food in advance and hold until service. The quality is excellent and our customers are happy.
Another great feature was that an extraction hood system was not required saving us a lot of extra cost and ongoing maintenance.”

OPERATIONAL ( Additional Benefits .. )

  • Minimal service / maintenance required
  • High reliability, dependability & indeed durability
  • Flexibility of menu & serving times
  • Increased net profit generator
  • Improved and enhanced service to our clients customer base... the DHMC has allows our clients to exceed their clients expectations as regards flexibility of HOT food service . Allowing a more positive reaction to end user needs and requirements ..as regards times and range of service periods .