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Display Line

The Porkka Display Line is a range of refrigerated display cabinets which allow retailers to display food and drinks for sale while maintaining products at temperatures necessary for food hygiene as well as to reflect customer preference (e.g. chilled drinks). Our chilled display cabinets come in a variety of formats to suit different types of food and different types of retail environment.

All our Display Line cabinets meet stringent European hygiene standards for storage of cold food, and each model has been carefully designed and tested to be efficient, reliable and durable in a retail setting, as well as being exceptionally easy to use, clean and maintain. The result is a wide choice of chilled display cabinets to suit even the smallest of retail outlets providing attractive displays combined with freshness and hygiene.

Using a specially designed ‘delivery’ of refrigerated ‘chilled’ air , delicate food products , such as pastries ….. sandwiches …. filled rolls etc …. do NOT dry out when stored in this unit .

The Internal air cascades ‘gently’ over and around the food product stored …. When aided by the high luxe internal lighting supplied as standard by this unit …PORKKA clients benefit from a well illuminated …. well chilled display unit that will generate high volume point of sales income .  

Display Line - Our Range of Refrigerated Display Cabinets

The Display Line features a range of different cabinets designed to cater for different types of product.

Grandioso Display Cases - These refrigerated display cabinets are also open-fronted shelf units allowing multiple product lines to be displayed, but offer additional features and versatility. For instance, shelves may be flat, or tilted down, for greater visual impact; units can be supplied on castors if mobility is an issue; and there is both a top mounted  lighted option or a side illuminated version to increase the appeal of the display , to potential customers. There is a night cover provided , a standard … meaning that produce can be kept refrigerated overnight at reduced running costs. Refrigeration is achieved by cooled air being forced onto individual shelves, ensuring even chilling throughout the cabinet - resulting in longer shelf life of product as well as reduced wastage. PORKKA Grandioso chilled display cabinets are a standard 900mm wide and are available in a choice of 2 heights (1430mm and 1690mm).

Service Line Showcase Cabinets - These refrigerated display cabinets are designed for use in a canteen setting where customers can help themselves to a variety of different foods and drinks. They feature a tray shelf at the front where customers can rest trays while selecting products, a drinks well for holding cans and bottles of drink, 2 internal, refrigerated shelves, which are illuminated, for holding sandwiches, fruit, desserts or other ready-to-eat chilled foods, and a neutral top surface which can be used to display items at room temperature (e.g. biscuits, crisps etc). The units are open at the front to permit self-serve, and have sliding glass doors at the back to enable staff to restock shelves. Cupboards below are also chilled and can hold additional stock not yet on display (so it will already be at the required temperature when placed onto display shelves). Temperature range is +6 to +15C, and there is a choice of 2 widths (600mm or 1500mm). Multiple units can be connected together to create a wider choice of foods to choose from.

Display Line - Technology, Flexibility and Ease of Use
A range of technology features enable our refrigerated display cabinets to be both efficient, convenient to use , as well as being user friendly. A steady temperature is maintained throughout the entire cabinet via a fan-operated air circulation system controlled by a digital thermostat.

As standard , there is an automatic defrost feature which includes a system to automatically evaporate any water resulting from the defrost. All insulation is made from CFC and HCFC free materials, as are all refrigerant fluids.

Hygiene is ensured through the use of stainless steel or glass for all visible surfaces and shelving.

The cooling unit itself has been designed to be highly efficient which, combined with excellent insulation, keeps running costs to a minimum.

Our chilled display cabinets are designed to accept standard GN 1/1 sized components in both the lowest shelf and the cold cabinet below the display area. This makes it easy to use GN trays direct from a kitchen without having to transfer to different containers. Additional flexibility is provided by an adjustable bottom shelf to suit the height of the products to be stored there.

Cleaning and maintenance are made exceptionally easy as all components can easily be removed without special tools, such as the handle and magnetic gasket of the doors, and even the cooling unit itself.