Making Commercial Refrigeration More Energy Efficient

There is an increasing drive both from UK and European authorities and from catering businesses themselves to make all types of commercial refrigeration more energy efficient. This applies to everything from a commercial refrigerator to a freezer, and from a cold room or freezer room to an ice making machine.

As leading catering refrigeration and cold room manufacturers, Porkka have always put an emphasis on environmental responsibility. Strong green values are built into all our equipment, as we constantly work to cut carbon emissions and to develop more energy-efficient product features and ways of doing things.

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Environmental Focus on the Refrigeration Industry
If you are considering replacing old equipment with new catering freezers and fridges, it could pay to do this sooner rather than later. This is because of the estimated savings from using more efficient models, which could amount to hundreds of pounds annually. UK businesses will also find that using less energy reduces the amount they have to pay in Climate Change Levy (CCL) charges via their power supplier.

When considering the features of refrigeration equipment, it is important for catering firms and other companies to choose models which meet high standards. For instance, you will want to ensure any commercial fridges or freezers you choose can perform well in high ambient temperatures, and that their performance can be closely controlled and monitored.

The regulatory regime for refrigeration products is currently being made more rigorous, and the first compulsory scheme requiring commercial refrigerators to carry energy labels will be introduced from July 2016 in countries across Europe, including the UK.

Greener Equipment from Porkka
Porkka as a company has a comprehensive commitment to greener refrigeration. This includes using the energy-saving hydrocarbon refrigerant R290 in many of our models. R290 can give an estimated 40% energy savings compared to some other refrigerants, as well as reducing heat emissions, being a low-noise product and helping to give equipment a longer working life. In addition to using R290, at Porkka we ensure that our factories achieve full compliance with the ISO 9001;2000 and ISO 14001 environmental standards.

Here we look at some different types of refrigeration equipment manufactured by Porkka, and focus on some of the key green features they offer.

Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers – If you're looking for an energy efficient commercial refrigerator or freezer, our Inventus range of upright cabinets is specifically designed for caterers and professional kitchens. In addition to using R290, they contain high levels of insulation made from a high-density polyurethane which contains no CFCs or HCFCs. The condenser is also built for maximum efficiency and easy cleaning, another green feature. Our Future and Future Plus commercial freezers and fridges also have efficient air-cooled refrigerant systems and most models are available with R290, as well as again containing high levels of insulation.

Cold Rooms and Freezer Rooms – Doors which seal well are a key feature of all Porkka's refrigeration products, including walk in cold rooms and freezer rooms. Other energy-saving features include high levels of insulation, filtering and advanced air management, while there is the option of a remote heat disposal system to efficiently transfer any waste heat for heating elsewhere if required.

Blast Chillers and Freezers – Porkka's blast freezers and blast chiller/freezer models help to reduce waste by making it possible to freeze or chill food quickly and safely, while retaining flavour and quality. Their exact temperature control helps to attain energy efficiency, and they contain high-density PU insulation, including an insulated floor in freezer models. Our blast chillers and freezers utilise an air-cooled CFC/HCFC refrigerant system which is both efficient and energy-saving. At Host Milan in 2015, we also demonstrated a new roll-in blast chiller and freezer model which operates on CO2 and will meet new European regulations due to be introduced in 2020.  

Cold Counters, Bar Counters and Ice Makers – Made from quality materials for use in cafes, restaurants and other catering establishments, our Cold Line counters are available with R290 refrigerant in some models. They also contain an optimum level of insulation. Our bar counters and ice cube machines, as well as flake ice makers, are also available with R290.

Porkka's strong environmental record means you can be confident that all our energy efficient commercial refrigerators and freezers use state-of-the-art technology to protect the planet, while at the same time keeping down your energy bills.

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