Flake Ice Making Machines

Flake ice making machines are used by a wide variety of restaurants, bars and cafés to supply flaked ice for display purposes, or to be used in some types of drinks such as cocktails or slushies. It can be used as cooling beds for displayed fresh fish or meat, or for serving ready to eat chilled foods such as oysters, sushi and perhaps salad bars. It can also be safely used in blenders (compared to ice cubes which can damage blades) to make cocktails or smoothies.

Flake ice offers superior cooling compared to ice cubes because the shape of the ice pieces means greater surface contact with the product to be cooled. This makes it appealing as an ice bed to be used to quickly cool bottles or other items in a retail or event situation, where the time available for cooling may be limited.

Porkka supply reliable, dependable, durable flake ice making machines in a variety of sizes to suit all types of business. They produce flakes which are very dry which stops them sticking together in clumps, and makes the ice very easy to handle.

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Ice flakes are formed by introducing water onto a refrigerated vertical plate, and then scraping off the resulting ice at a constant rate. Before being taken out of the ice producing chamber, any excess water is pushed out of the ice and back into the machine to be used again, so that only dry flakes are produced.

Apart from a simple on/off switch there are no other controls and, once the machine is switched on, staff do not need to monitor or do anything to the machine except to take out ice as it is needed. Porkka’s flake ice making machines will make flakes continuously until the storage bin detects that it is full, at which point it switches off automatically.

Porkka make eleven different sizes of flake ice making machines in a variety of dimensions and ice making capacities. the smallest of which is the KF75 which can make up to 78kg of flakes per day. The largest is the KF2500 which can make up to 2375kg per day.

Here is a summary of all the models in the Porkka range giving production capacity in kg per day, and external dimensions (width x depth x height in mm). Heights given exclude legs, which add 140mm to the height if used.

KF75 78kg 485 x 570 x 720

KF125 128kg 680 x 585 x 890

KF165 166kg 955 x 590 x 780

KF180 183kg 585 x 510 x 560

KF250 255kg 585 x 510 x 560

KF-P400 460kg 750 x 590 x 690

KF500 525kg 750 x 590 x 690

KP-P800 860kg 900 x 625 x 870

KF1000 1165kg 900 x 625 x 870

KF-P1600 1720kg 1146 x 690 x 1125

KF2500 2375kg 1146 x 690 x 1125

For maximum volume choose the KF2500. But if compactness is important, the KF180 and KF250 offer good volumes in an exceptionally compact size.

All our models have stainless steel body work and plastic storage bins for hygienic and easy to clean storage.