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Hot Line Counters

Our Hot Line products are a range of buffet server cabinets designed to keep hot foods hot and ready to serve. Our range of buffet stations are invaluable equipment for restaurants, kitchens and other mobile catering enterprises with a need to serve a hot food buffet as part of their operation.

Designed to meet European hot food storage standards, our buffet server range uses an air circulation system to keep hot foods hot at exactly the right temperature required for food safety, and in a way which preserves the taste and appearance of the food.

Combining durability, reliability, flexibility, ease of use and cleaning, our buffet line is a highly professional and practical choice for your hot food buffet requirements.

Hot Line Buffet Server Range

Creating a professional hot food buffet in a range of locations has never been easier with our buffet server range. Our buffet cabinets are available in a variety of sizes and varying design features designed to display and heat a range of food types.

Hot Food Chafers: These servers use hot water to maintain serving dishes at the required temperature and heating cabinets below.

Hot Food Buffets: These servers keep hot foods hot using air circulation and include heating cabinets below.

Neutral Buffets: These servers have a heated cabinet below to keep hot food hot until it is ready to be placed on top of the cabinet for serving. There is no additional heating once brought out of the heating cabinet and so is appropriate when the food is to be served immediately.

All our hot food buffet server cabinets are available in a choice of 4 widths: 400, 800, 1200 or 1600mm.

Buffet Line Hot and Cold Buffet Server Range

In addition, our buffet line offers a further range of buffet serving equipment designed to serve hot or cold food.

Hot Drop-In Well Carts: These units include drop-in wells enabling dishes of hot food to be kept hot via a heating unit below.

Cold Drop-In Well Carts: These units also use drop-in wells to keep cold food cold using a refrigeration unit below.

Neutral Drop-In Well Carts: These units us drop-in wells to display food that is to be served immediately, without additional heating or refrigeration.

These buffet server units are available in 2 heights (750 or 900mm) and 3 widths (450, 800 and 1200mm).

Buffet Server Accessory Units

Of course, serving up a professional buffet requires a lot more than just displaying and serving hot and cold food. Our additional serving equipment units include:

Plate Dispensers – to hold and dispense plates for your guests. Plate dispenser units can be hot or neutral as required.

Additional Work Surface Units with hotlights

Efficient, Durable, Reliable and Energy Efficient

Our buffet server cabinets are designed to allow your operation to run efficiently, with exactly the right amount of storage and workspace you require, and to fit in with industry standard equipment. For instance, our cabinets with doors, drawers and basins are GN measured, to enable GN trays to be used.

A number of different modules are available to be fitted on top of the units, such as a choice between standard lamp or infrared heating lamp.

Stainless steel is used for all heavily used parts of the buffet furniture, such as doors, drawers and covers, providing both durability and hygiene.

Bain Marie (BM) basins have rounded edges and include a water outlet valve at the front. Small dishes for use in the BM basins include GN1/1 ’H’ frames with dividers.

All our buffet server units are designed with energy efficiency in mind. Insulation consists of 50mm HCFC and CFC free urethane which helps to minimise the amount of heat radiated from the unit. As well as being more comfortable for operatives and guests, this also helps to minimise power consumption and keep running costs down.

Our units are also extremely easy and safe to use. The control unit ensures automatic temperature control, as well as an easy to read digital display to allow operatives to easily check that the unit is running at the required temperature. The units are also easy to clean, with drawers, rails and runners easily removed without tools, as are the handles and magnetic gaskets of the modules.

HACCP self monitoring is available for all our Hot Line models if required, and XWEB monitoring via the internet is also available on request.

For more information on our Hot Line Buffet Servers - please contact us now to discuss your requirements.