Industrial Cold Rooms

Industrial cold rooms are supersized refrigeration facilities which are far larger than a typical cold room and can be the size of a large warehouse.

Porkka can install industrial cold rooms of any size on request, using our made-to-measure modular construction.

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Uses for Industrial Cold Rooms

Industrial cold rooms are required in any situation where large volumes of produce in bulk packaging require to be kept chilled or frozen in controlled conditions.

This will include producers who need to chill down their product to required temperatures as part of the production process, such as plant crops and meat and fish processors. It will also include large scale food processors that need to receive large volumes of unprocessed product, and then package or process the product into another form, before transporting it on to wholesalers or retailers.

Finally, industrial cold rooms will be needed anywhere that large volumes of retail produce need to sit while awaiting transport or sale (e.g. import/export warehouses and wholesaler storage) or before being put into a retail outlet (e.g. supermarket storage).

The range of stock that may be stored in industrial cold rooms is the same as for any type of refrigerator or freezer: all types of processed and unprocessed foods, and a large variety of non-edible stock such as medical supplies or plant/flower crops.

Additionally, the accurate temperature control and clean air management provided by industrial cold rooms can also provide clean room facilities for multiple non-food applications, such as data centres containing computers and servers.

Many industrial cold rooms are also used as food preparation areas, allowing personnel to work within the area. Even when this is not the case, people are frequently present within the area in order to bring in, remove or rotate stock. For this and other reasons, industrial cold rooms typically require good air conditioning and humidity control for the comfort of personnel as well as to ensure product quality.

Industrial Cold Room Installation

Most industrial cold rooms need to be designed individually based on specific site conditions and intended stock requirements. Specifying an industrial cold room is therefore a highly specialist job requiring input from an architect, engineering consultant or other similarly qualified personnel.

To begin the process, a Porkka representative will meet with the customer and their architect in order to assess requirements and budget. We will then work with the customer’s architect over a period of time to produce an agreed design.

The design can include not simply a shell with refrigeration units attached, but a complete internal design to meet the workflow needs of personnel, including lighting, racking, worktop space, forklift access and so on.

Once the design has been agreed, installation is carried out by Porkka trained specialists with experience of installing large scale cold rooms and refrigeration equipment. The overall time from contact to delivery and installation depends largely on the size and complexity of the room, and can be anything from 1-2 months to 6-8 months.

Industrial Cold Rooms - Click here for more information on our modular cold rooms