Industrial Fridges from Porkka Inventus: Built for Quality Catering

Today's restaurants and caterers are expected to meet the highest standards of quality. Choosing top-performing industrial fridges and freezers is a way to ensure that your products are up to the demands of the modern marketplace. Whether you are serving fresh, cook-chill or frozen food, consistency in terms of taste and presentation is essential. With so much competition, customers can easily go elsewhere if you fail to deliver.

Porkka has a long reputation as company putting a strong emphasis on quality. Now the latest industrial freezers and fridges from the Inventus range have stepped this up even further, with state-of-the-art features designed to fit the needs of modern caterers.

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Growing Demand for Quality Catering
When it comes to eating out, consumer priorities have changed over the last few years. Although price is still a driver, consumers are increasingly also demanding a better experience when eating out, and tastier meals. “Fast casual” dining has become a big trend in the US and now also in the UK, with many families regularly visiting both chains and individual eateries with a reputation for good food.

Customers of food shops, bakeries and patisseries are also putting a greater emphasis on flavour, with the soaring popularity of artisan and delicatessen products. Yet, at the same time as meeting the demands for great-tasting products, caterers also need to ensure a fast turnaround. This means it is essential to have the right equipment in place, including catering freezers and fridges, so that you can be sure of quality results without keeping customers waiting.

Maintaining Food Safety, Freshness and Flavour

Making sure that food is safe, without sacrificing any of its quality in terms of taste, is absolutely essential for all businesses using industrial fridges and freezers. Inspectors regularly check on food safety and if there is a problem with hygiene or the way in which food is stored, your business could be fined or even closed down.

But the food's freshness and flavour are equally essential, since, if the taste is damaged by the way the food is stored, customers will reject it. Whether food is being kept in catering chillers or storage freezers, it must be stored in the right conditions and at precisely the right temperature – not at too low a temperature, which could damage flavour, or too high, which could lead to food spoilage and safety concerns.

Fortunately, Porkka Inventus makes it possible to achieve the right balance, by giving caterers the ability to choose and maintain an exact temperature. All the industrial freezers and refrigerators in the range feature a digital temperature display including an inbuilt microprocessor controller.

There is a visual alarm which will alert you in the case of the temperature becoming too high or too low. Recording of maximum and minimum temperature is also provided as standard. Even if temperatures in your kitchen become very high, the performance of these units won't be affected, as they are built to perform in ambient temperatures of up to +43C.

Enabling Fast Turnaround

Even though modern customers are putting the emphasis on having quality food, they don't want to have to wait too long for it. The rise in “fast casual” dining demonstrates this, with growing popularity of restaurants and cafes where meals are prepared and served quickly.

In order to win and retain customers, it is essential for catering businesses to make sure that food products can be provided quickly, without sacrificing quality. This means choosing not only the right cooking appliances, but also the right equipment for storing both prepared food and raw ingredients, including professional fridges and freezers.

To enable speedy operation, the need is for cabinets which can be opened and closed quickly and which offer flexible storage. Porkka provides all of these features, due to the way in which Inventus cabinets are constructed. Both the freezers and the fridges in the range have doors with magnetic gaskets and spring hinges, making opening and closing much faster. A foot pedal door opener is an optional additional feature. The storage space can also be configured to your requirements, with adjustable shelves and optional baskets, making it easy to find the item you are looking for quickly.

Quality is the keynote for all Porkka's products, which are constructed from the best materials and built to the highest standards, with the latest energy-saving components included. Porkka provides a service designed to maintain that quality, with 36-month guarantees for both parts and labour. So you can be sure that by choosing Inventus industrial fridges and freezers you will be able to provide your customers with quality food for years ahead.

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