Medical Refrigerators and Freezers

Medical refrigerators and medical freezers have very different design and operational features compared to those for food. Medical freezers often require temperatures much colder than standard food refrigerators. While medical refrigerators need to be designed to minimise bacterial contamination and often require many separate compartments or to hold specific medical supplies, such as blood or vaccines.

Porkka supply a wide range of medical refrigerators and medical freezers, designed to meet these specialist requirements, to hospitals, doctors surgeries, pharmaceutical companies, laboratories and research centres.

This article provides an overview of the Porkka range of medical refrigerators and medical freezers, as well as related products such as non-refrigerated medical cupboards and laboratory refrigerators.

Porkka Medical Refrigerators

Our Medi Line range of medical refrigerators includes a wide variety sizes and internal fitments designed to provide specialist and general medical refrigeration. They are all provided with a temperature display on a front control panel, and a temperature alarm which can be connected up to an external alarm system, allowing constant monitoring of critical medical supplies. All internal and external surfaces are designed to be easy to clean, with removable shelving and coved corners to minimise the possibility of dirt traps.

Our specialist blood bank refrigerators (BB510 and BB710) are designed specifically for the reliable storage of blood between 2 and 6C. They are fitted with 5 internal shelves designed specifically to hold blood containers, and are available in a choice of 2 finishes (white or stainless steel) and 2 widths (600mm and 850mm).

More general medical refrigeration is provided by our MC models which have a temperature range of 2 to 15C and internal volumes between 75 and 300 litres. The smallest are designed to take up minimum space with a floor footprint of just 595mm by 460mm and can be provided as single (MC70) or double height (MC150/150). The midsize models have a floor footprint of 595mm by 480mm and are 1300mm high (MC180 and MC300). High capacity refrigeration is provided by our MC520, MC720 and MC722 models which are all 2030mm high and come in a range of widths.

All units have solid doors as standard, but MC520 and MC720 are available with thermal glass doors. The smaller cabinets have internal bacteria-proof condensate water disposal systems, while the larger cabinets have automatic condensate disposal to ensure bacteria-free storage.

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Porkka Medical Freezers

Choosing between medical freezers depends first on the temperature range required, and then on volume and access considerations.

For temperatures down to -45C, choose one of our chest medical freezers. They are available in a choice of 5 sizes with widths between 730mm and 1710mm. They include a lock in handle, interior light and an external digital temperature display. They are designed primarily for longer term storage requiring infrequent access.

For temperatures down to -26C, choose one of our high capacity freezers (MF520 or MF720) which have the same dimensions as their refrigerator cousins MC520 and MC720. If you do not require so much freezing space and also need some refrigeration space, consider our combi unit MC/MF722.

Solid tops and doors are standard on all our medical freezers but thermal doors are available for the MF520 and MF720 models.

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Porkka Medical Cupboards

Porkka medical cupboards meet all the hygiene and security requirements of our medical refrigerators but without the refrigeration element. All doors and drawers can be locked and there is a separate narcotics locker which has an independent lock and key.

Cupboards can be supplied completely non-refrigerated or can be combined with a refrigeration cabinet, and are available with a choice of lower cabinet or drawers. A glass door version is also available to enable the storage of instruments.

Porkka Laboratory Refrigerators and Freezers

The requirements for laboratory refrigerators and freezers have many elements in common with that of medical refrigerators and freezers, and so you will see a great deal of similarity between our medical and laboratory range, but there are also some key differences. Knowing about these will help you make the correct choice for your application.

If you intend to store gases or other potentially combustible materials (e.g. chemical laboratories), you will require one of our spark-proof models. All our Lab Line models are spark-proof and come in a similar range of sizes to our Medi Line range. The operating range of all our Lab Line models is between 2 and 15C.

If you do not require spark-proof storage but need to store other types of chemical or biological material, then one of our research and test cabinets may suit your needs. These cabinets differ from our Medi Line and Lab Line ranges in that the refrigerators (RC520 and RC720) have an operating range of 2 to 40C, much higher than normally required of any other refrigerator. The freezers (RF520 and RF720) have an operating range of between -10 and -30C.

To ensure especially accurate temperature control, our test cabinets feature air circulation grids on the base and sidewall, providing accuracy to within 1 degree. This enables materials to be kept at steady temperatures prior to use in tests or experiments which require materials to be used at a specific temperature. To further enhance steady temperature control, cabinets are fan assisted to ensure even air circulation, and this fan is automatically switched off when the door is opened to reduce loss of cold air.

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