Medi-Lab Line

Medical refrigerators and freezers, along with laboratory refrigerators and freezers are required to operate to much more stringent standards than those of ordinary domestic or even commercial refrigerators and freezers. This is because medical freezers / refrigerators and laboratory freezers / refrigerators are used in settings where the consequences of unreliability, temperature variation, contamination or even danger from sparking can be much more significant and costly.

For instance, a medical refrigerator or freezer used in an operating theatre – used for the storage of blood products, or to refrigerate samples taken during a biopsy – need to be able to store contents at very precise temperatures to avoid damaging such samples.

Laboratory refrigerators or freezers may be required to store biological or chemical contents at precise temperatures for use in research, and in the case of flammable chemicals it is essential that there is no possibility of the refrigerator being a source of sparks.

Our range of medical refrigerators / freezers and laboratory refrigerators / freezers are designed to ensure high levels of reliability, as well as quality, versatility, and ease of use.

Laboratory and Medical Freezers and Refrigerator Standards

All of our medical refrigerators and freezers and laboratory refrigerators and freezers meet European standard ISO 8561. The production process is ISO 9001 quality controlled and the manufacturing process follows ISO 14001 environmental standards. All our cabinets have CE approval and are subjected to comprehensive electrical and running tests before being released for distribution.

Precise and accurate control of temperature is one of the most important requirements of medical and laboratory freezers / refrigerators, and so all cabinets in our range include digital temperature displays which can be easily seen and controls that allow the temperature to be easily adjusted without opening the door. To further ensure accuracy, cabinets have visible and audible low/high temperature alarms which can be connected to a central alarm system if required. The temperature of cabinets can be recorded and monitored remotely via an RS-484 port, enabling organizations to document the quality of their storage processes. This can be especially important where contents are transferred to a different organization that may require evidence of previous storage conditions.

The recording capability of our laboratory / medical refrigerator / freezer range has been further enhanced to allow USB memory stick recording via an additional unit on the front of the cabinets. The user can specify the desired recording interval as appropriate for internal procedures (e.g. every 5 seconds). The stick can then be inserted into a PC USB port for downloading and archiving data, and the dataset can be easily viewed and worked with in Excel to produce, say, weekly or monthly reports or graphs as required. The unit is provided with a 24 hour battery backup so that temperature recording can continue in the event of a power cut – which can be essential for ascertaining whether contents have been compromised.

All our medical freezers and refrigerators are designed to ensure that the refrigeration process does not undermine hygiene.
Smaller medical freezers and refrigerators use specially designed internal bacteria-proof water collection systems to collect condensed water; while larger medical refrigerators and freezers dispose of condensate water externally, preventing the condensate from becoming a source of bacterial contamination.
The risk of contamination is further reduced by the design of the cabinets and shelving, all designed to be exceptionally easy to remove and clean. Internal corners are coved, and bases are made from a single piece of material, to eliminate possible dirt traps.

Our medical / laboratory freezer / refrigerator range has been designed with eco-friendliness in mind, particularly in the area of energy consumption. Our new range uses 25% less energy than previous models and considerably less than other cabinets on the market. As well as using CFC and HCFC-free materials, we also use no other materials that could contribute to OZONE depletion.

Cabinets can be supplied with legs or castors as required (e.g. clean rooms and operating theatres may require regular cleaning underneath and behind appliances), and leg height is adjustable.

Refrigeration is achieved using high-efficiency, ceiling-mounted fans which switch off automatically when the door is opened, minimizing loss of cold air. Our medical freezers feature an automatic defrost facility which uses an efficient and fast hot gas system.

Medical Refrigerators

Our range of medical refrigerators is designed with hospital conditions particularly in mind, particularly considerations of hygiene, security and flexibility, as well as ergonomic design and modern appearance. All our medical cabinets have lockable doors.

The M70 is our smallest medical refrigerator at just 595mm wide, 460mm deep and 720mm high (or 900mm if legs are required) and has 2 shelves plus 2 door shelves. Its operating temperature is +2 to +15C.

The M180 is a mid-sized single compartment medical refrigerator standing 1300mm high with 5 shelves plus 5 door shelves, and also operates at +2 to +15C.

The M150/150 is a 2000mm high, dual-compartment, +2 to +15C refrigerator and has 2 independent compressors so that the 2 compartments can operate at different temperatures if required. Each compartment has its own door, 4 shelves and 4 door shelves, as well as independent temperature monitoring and alarms.

The MC300 has the same configuration and dimensions as the MC 150/150 except that it has a single compressor and the lower compartment can operate between +8 to +15C.
For larger operations our MC 520/720/722 range is ideal, offering storage of up to 575 litres and an operating temperature of between +1 to +15C. All are 2030mm high, size varying by width (600mm, 850mm or 730mm). The MC 520 and 720 have solid doors, while the MC 722 has a glass door. All models have 4 internal shelves made of stainless steel.

Medical Freezers

The MC 520/720/722 refrigerator range is complemented by an equivalent MF 520/720/722 medical freezer range, with identical dimensions, door options and internal features. Our medical freezers operate between -15 and -26C.

We also supply a combination refrigerator/freezer in the shape of the MC/MF 722 Combi. This has two separate and independently controlled compartments operating between +1 to +12C and between -18 to -26C. Each compartment has 2 stainless steel shelves.

Laboratory Refrigerators

The LAB 300 and SC 75 are laboratory refrigerators designed specifically for use in research and test environments. A combination of efficient refrigeration system and electronic control unit provides accuracy of ±1 °C, essential for consistency in experimental laboratories and to preserve the biological or chemical qualities of samples.

Inside the cabinets are stainless steel shelves, adjustable to 17mm increments, and a spark-proof interior. Both operate between +2 and +15C.

Both cabinets are designed to be easy to clean. The SC 75 in particular hides the compressor in a smooth surface back wall, allowing for easy wipe down, and the rest of the interior is free of any protrusions or components which could become dirt traps.

The LAB 300 is a tall (2000mm) 2-compartment unit with multiple internal shelves and two lockable doors to prevent unauthorized access.

The SC 75 is a smaller unit (735mm high or 900mm if legs are required) with one lockable door and 2 internal shelves.

Laboratory Freezers and Refrigerators for Research and Test Applications

Our RC and RF cabinets are accurate to within ±1 °C making them suitable for research and testing applications, where consistency is vital. This accuracy is achieved using air circulation grids on the side and bottom walls to ensure even refrigeration.

Our laboratory freezers and refrigerators are also highly durable and easy to clean. External surfaces are polyester-coated steel, while internal surfaces and shelves are 304 grade stainless steel. Each shelf can support up to 50kg.

Of course, sometimes the temperature required for storage can be very much higher or lower than normal refrigeration temperatures (for instance, for testing the properties of a substance at a range of different temperatures) and so our laboratory refrigerators can operate between +1 and +40C, and our laboratory freezers can operate between -10 and -30C.

This range is available as either refrigerator (RC) or freezer (RF) and in a choice of widths (600mm or 850mm), and have 4 internal shelves each. The shelves are made of stainless steel panels which, as well as being easy to keep clean, allows small objects to be held securely.

Medicine Cupboards

Medicine cupboards are useful for applications where medicines, vaccines and so on do not require refrigeration but do need to be stored securely to prevent unauthorized access. These cupboards are made of easy-to-clean melamine board, with durable plastic shelves and have lockable doors and drawers.

Our smallest medicine cupboard is the M1, which is 1100mm high and has 4 shelves and 4 door shelves and a specialist narcotics locker with its own lock and key. The M1 can be stacked on top of the M70 refrigerator to create a combi unit.

The M2 cabinet stands 2000mm high and has an upper cabinet with 4 shelves and 4 door shelves. The lower cabinet has a choice of an additional 3 shelves, or a set of 6 drawers which can accommodate medical trays. Top and bottom compartments of the M2 can be independently locked.

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