Ensuring Safety and Compliance with Medical Refrigerators and Freezers

All medical refrigerators and freezers have to meet a series of stringent safety standards. This equipment is used for a range of demanding specialist applications in areas where exact temperature control is vital. All cabinets of this type must be manufactured to suit the precise requirements of the healthcare and scientific institutions where they are installed.
There are various regulations and guidelines governing medical and pharmaceutical and research facilities in the UK, and all equipment, including medical freezers and fridges, must be reliable and durable to meet these standards.

Both general and specialist medical cabinets are needed in a variety of clinical settings, including critical areas such as operating theatres. Medical blood banks and plasma freezers are required to store blood supplies for transfusion and other treatments, as well as for life science applications. Pharmacy refrigerators are needed to store vaccines and other medicines at exact temperatures, while scientists often require specialist laboratory refrigerators, including chromatography fridges, to store delicate equipment and samples.
As refrigeration experts, Porkka has put together a guide for the key requirements for medical and laboratory freezers and fridges.

Key Requirements for Medical Refrigeration

Regulatory Compliance – ISO standards and CE marks can give you an assurance that medical and research refrigerators and freezers have been built to the highest quality requirements. All Porkka’s scientific and medical fridges and freezers have CE approval and meet a number of European ISO standards governing production, quality control and environmental factors.

Precise Temperature Control – Precision is imperative where sensitive biological products or drugs and medicines are being stored. If temperatures go outside guidelines, either by dipping too low or becoming too high, in this type of facility serious risks to health could result and vital medical supplies could potentially become unsafe to use.

To guard against any such risks, Porkka has developed a range of lab and medical cabinets including the MedTronic controller, which provides both high and low temperature protection. Anti-freezer protection is built in to prevent any sensitive vaccines or medicines from becoming frozen accidentally. A high temperature protection function is also available to prevent the products becoming too warm, for instance if the cabinet is being defrosted. Battery back-up for the controller is another safeguard option.

Constant Temperature Monitoring and Recording – The temperature of medical refrigeration equipment needs to be monitored and recorded round the clock to give peace of mind. The Porkka MedTronic controller is the answer here too, since it provides a real-time temperature graphic display, and it is easy to download temperature data by using an optional wireless connection, cable or a USB stick. 

Built-In Alarms – Even the most reliable fridge used in a hospital or research lab needs to be equipped with alarms which will alert you in the case of any problem arising. Again, the MedTronic controller meets the need, with both audio and visual built-in alarms. Porkka also offers the option for the high-low temperature alarm within medical and research freezers and fridges to be connected to the main alarm system for your building.

Hygienic Construction – When refrigeration equipment is being used in medical or research facilities, even tiny particles of contamination can be dangerous to patients and throw out test results. Another problem is that if cleaning and sanitising are unnecessarily complicated staff time can be wasted. Porkka’s medical range has been designed with these priorities in mind, so all our cabinets are built to ensure easy cleaning and avoid any dirt traps. Bio-hazard control is also built in, with smaller cabinets from the range including internal systems to collect any condensed water, while larger models dispose of this safely outside the cabinet.

Security Features – Locking is vital for cabinets being used to store items such as medicines and blood supplies.  All Porkka’s medical cabinets have lockable doors, and there is the additional option of an electronic locking system which provides information of who last opened the cabinet, together with time and date. Keyboard tamper protection is another security measure. 

As well as our range of medical refrigeration products, Porkka also supplies non-refrigerated equipment, including a narcotics locker.

The whole Porkka medical and laboratory range is built to be user-friendly, with features such as digital controls which can be read quickly. All our medical refrigerators and freezers also have a range of energy-saving features, designed to help hospitals and other facilities save on running costs while at the same time helping the environment.

Medical Refrigerators – Click the link to download the brochure for our specialist product range.