Modular Cold Rooms

If you’re running a business that needs cold room facilities, we know that you want a modular cold room that can be installed and ready to use as quickly and easily as possible. We also know that all premises are different and that you may need to fit a cold room into a small or awkward space, but without having to pay for a bespoke solution. Porkka offer a large range of modular cold rooms to suit just about any size or type of premises. Modular cold rooms are manufactured to exact sizes and are delivered in a flat pack format for simple, easy installation and are complete with Porkka manufactured refrigeration units and complete with 4 tier shelving.

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Keep reading to find out more about modular cold rooms and the specific features offered by Porkka modular cold rooms.

What are Modular Cold Rooms?

A cold room is, essentially, a very large walk-in fridge, capable of storing large amounts of food or other perishables. In addition to having a storage capacity far bigger than any domestic refrigerator, they allow temperature to be precisely controlled, to meet applicable food safety regulations, and also to maximise the quality and shelf life of the contents.

A cold room can be custom built or modular. There are two main features of a modular cold room:

First, it is constructed from standard size panels supplied in flat pack format, enabling it to be easily delivered and then quickly constructed on site.

Second, this modular approach allows customers to obtain a modular cold room solution which is highly tailored to their particular needs, but at the cost of a mass produced product. For instance, Porkka offer over 300 different modular cold rooms, with different volumes and dimensions. This huge choice means that each customer can find a “standard” solution to meet their needs.

What Type of Premises Use Modular Cold Rooms?

Modular cold rooms are needed by any premises requiring substantial amounts of chilling and/or freezing space and who need precise and reliable temperature control to comply with food safety regulations, or where uncontrolled variations in temperature could lead to loss of valuable stock.

Typical customers of a modular cold room will be businesses involved in catering or food supply such as commercial kitchens, restaurants, fast food outlets, hotels, industrial canteens, hospitals and food retailers. However, modular cold rooms have applications beyond the food industry and include medical laboratories and non-edible produce, such as flowers.

How do Porkka Cold Rooms Differ from Other Types of Modular Cold Room?

While the basic design of a cold room may be straightforward, Porkka modular cold rooms stand out from the crowd in a number of ways.

Porkka modular cold rooms have been recently redesigned to make them even easier to use and offering even more usage options than before. For instance, refrigeration units can be positioned either to the left hand or right hand side of the door, and doors can be changed to either left hand or right hand hung on site.

All refrigeration units are pre-tested at our factory and are fully automatic once in operation, with a built in high/low temperature alarm which is both audible and visible. This minimises the need for the customer to do anything to the unit once it is installed.

No drains are required as condensate water is disposed of automatically within the refrigeration unit. This reduces the amount of work and expense required to make a site ready for a cold room. And our cantilevered wall mounted shelving gives more usable storage space, which can easily be removed by hand for cleaning.

We also pride ourselves on our low energy consumption, an important factor when a business is calculating the lifetime cost of owning and running a cold room.

Modular Cold Rooms - Click here for more information on our range of Maxi modular cold rooms

What are the Key Features of Porkka Modular Cold Rooms?

We have over 300 models to select from in a range of different volumes and dimensions.

Three temperature ranges are available.

Chiller: +2 to +12C (adjustable in increments of 1C for chilled produce)

Medium: -2 to +5C (for storage of fresh fish or meat)

Freezer: -18 to -22C (for frozen produce)

Our cold rooms come with a standard insulation thickness of 80mm, but 100mm is available if required. The standard exterior height is 2100mm, but 2400mm is also available if required.

We supply chiller rooms with or without its own floor, depending on your requirement. A floorless chill room allows trolleys to be used, since there will be no difference in level between the inside and outside of the cold room.

Freezer and medium temperature rooms must be supplied with an insulating floor in order to control temperatures. This creates a step into the cold room which can be overcome in two ways. Either the client can arrange to have the relevant floor area recessed, or ramps can be supplied to allow trolleys access.

Our cold rooms also come with heavy duty hinges for strength and durability, and lockable door handles with emergency entrapment release, for security and safety.