Porkka News

Modular counter systems with hot, cold and ambient counters

Date December 2014

Porkka food preparation counters are available in refrigerated, freezer, hot and ambient (neutral) versions... Read More

XDL-01 Temperature Recorder

Date December 2014

The Porkka XDL -01 Temperature Recorder can be supplied with, or retrofitted to, any Porkka modular cold room... Read More

Extending cold storage in the Outer Hebrides

Date December 2014

Porkka is currently constructing a bakery cold room system for the Spar store and shop on the island of Benbecula in the Outer Hebrides... Read More

Space saving dual combi rooms

Date December 2014

The Combi Room range offers a large selection of sizes and the chiller-freezer split can be selected to suit the operator’s requirements... Read More

Electronic control for blast chillers/freezers

Date September 2014

The unique Porkka electronic controller, available with all Porkka blast chiller and combined blast chiller/blast freezer models... Read More

XDL-01 Temperature Recorder

Date September 2014

The Porkka XDL -01 Temperature Recorder can be supplied with, or retrofitted to, any Porkka modular cold room and set to record temperatures... Read More

Porkka launches online configurators for cold rooms and counters

Date April 2014

Porkka has launched what are believed to be the world’s first online configurators for cold rooms and food preparation counters... Read More

Professional blast chillers and freezers from Porkka UK

Date April 2014

Porkka’s advanced generation of competitively-priced blast chillers and blast freezers designed to meet the needs of high volume operators from commercial kitchens to food processors... Read More

Inventus - Leader in it's field

Date January 2014

Introducing Porkka’s new energy efficient, money saving INVENTUS range of commercial refrigerators and freezers... Read More

Major project expertise

Date January 2014

During the course of 2013 Porkka UK delivered a number of major, bespoke cold room projects, harnessing the company’s expertise in this area. In each case, Porkka provided turnkey management of all aspects, including subcontractors,to meet each customer’s specific requirements... Read More

Strategic partnering for Scientific Range

Date January 2014

Porkka UK has entered into a strategic trading relationship with Camlabs Ltd Laboratory Supplies, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of laboratory equipment and consumables... Read More

Time to add value to customers’ businesses

Date 17th October

Porkka UK is calling for catering equipment suppliers to do more to support their customers’ businesses by listening to their requirements and ensuring they provide the right solutions... Read More

Porkka DHMC – a breakthrough in heated food storage

1st July 2013

Porkka's patented DHMC hot food storage and serving range keeps cooked food hot and appetising for hours – with no changes in texture, flavour, appearance or nutritional value and negligible weight loss (typically around 1% in 3 hours)... Read More

Porkka KD3 ice dispenser supports thorough hygiene control

12th June 2013

The new KD3 table-top ice dispenser from Porkka UK features a lockable access panel to enable thorough cleaning without the intervention of an engineer – a feature that is believed to be exclusive to... Read More

Delivering solutions, not selling products

31st May 2013

Hospitality & Catering News spoke to Bob Littler, Director of Porkka UK, to gain an insight into the business and the challenges its customers face. Porkka is one of Europe’s leading designers and manufacturers of commercial refrigeration and catering holding/display equipment... Read More

Porkka cold room helps FareShare fight hunger and food waste

2nd April 2013

Porkka UK has supplied a modular step-in cold room to the Brighton & Hove branch of award-winning food distribution charity FareShare. Funded by the National Lottery, the new cold store has helped FareShare increase its storage capacity for chilled foods... Read More

Porkka supports marine research with customised environmental rooms

13th March 2013

Porkka UK has supplied a freezer room and four specially designed environmental rooms to the Dove Marine Laboratory, part of the School of Marine Science and Technology at Newcastle University... Read More

Porkka UK’s new Watford facility opened by Finnish Ambassador

31st January 2013

Refrigeration and catering equipment specialist Porkka UK has opened new offices, training facilities and a distribution centre in Watford, Hertfordshire... Read More