Our Professional Fridge Range

A professional fridge and freezer is the cornerstone of any food production or catering business, for well established food production companies and startup catering businesses alike. But what makes a fridge "professional"?

A domestic refrigerator is used almost exclusively for the storage of raw ingredients and preserving cooked food and leftovers. This results in the ubiquitous cuboid cabinet design, with the only variation being size, colour, interior fittings and the occasional external feature such as a water or ice dispenser.

However, a professional fridge can be put to a far wider range of uses and so can be found with a much greater variety of designs and special features depending on the specific requirements of the business.

Here we take a look at those typical uses and show how our range of commercial refrigerators is designed to provide a high quality solution for each application.

Even when all you need is straight forward refrigerated storage, the requirements placed on a commercial fridge are much more demanding than that of a domestic unit in 4 key ways:

  • Reliability – Preventing disruption to production schedules and revenue loss.
  • Accuracy – Maintaining temperature accurately and quickly restoring temperatures following door openings.
  • Hygiene – Meeting HACCP guidelines for temperature monitoring and being internally designed to be easy to clean and prevent contamination build up.
  • Energy Efficiency – Keeping down business overheads as well as minimising carbon footprint.

Our Inventus "A class" cabinets may look very similar to conventional refrigerators from the outside, but they offer exceptional energy efficiency and cost savings, along with easy clean interiors and temperature recording capability. They have been designed with the professional caterer in mind and, depending on your chosen model, can take a variety of industry standard pans and trays including GN1/1, GN2/1 and Euronorm. They also feature a number of other features designed to make life in a professional kitchen just that bit easier, including foot pedal door openers and optional castor feet.

Professional Fridge Cabinets – Find out more about our Inventus range.

Chill Down
Professional caterers frequently need to chill down ingredients as part of the production process (e.g. pastry, parfaits) or the final product, ready for transportation or later use. This requires equipment that is designed to quickly and accurately bring contents down to a target temperature, but without compromising the taste or texture of the food.

We supply blast chillers and freezers in a range of sizes and designed to be compatible with GN trays and trolleys, depending on the size of the unit. As well as helping to speed up your food production operation, our professional chiller models are equipped with state of the art controls including timed chilling cycles, food probes and temperature monitoring enabling you to comply with strict HACCP requirements.

Professional Chiller Cabinets – Find out more about our range of blast chillers and freezers.

Many commercial food outlets need to be able to display food products while also maintaining them at a set temperature, both for safety and product longevity. For simple visibility in a kitchen or retail setting, many of our cabinet fridges are available with a glass door option, including our Future and Future Plus models.

Where a more attractive display is required – perhaps in a cafeteria or takeaway – while also maintaining products at a safe temperature, our Display Line units provide an appealing, practical and hygienic way to present chilled food and beverages for self-service.

In a shop setting, appeal and hygiene are also important – as well as the need to minimise floor space and maximise the quantity of product that can be displayed. Here our Grandioso merchandiser unit provides an attractive, illuminated display with specially designed air flow enabling easy access by customers while maintaining internal temperature.

Serving & Preparation
There are some settings in which you need to keep refrigerated food close to the place where it is going to be prepared and served. This might include a sandwich or salad bar within a pub or restaurant – or it might be required to help deal with catering challenges such as weddings or special events where serving food needs to be carried out in a temporary location such as a function room or marquee.

Our cold line counters provide the flexibility and features ideal for this type of scenario. They are as reliable and easy to clean as all our other professional fridge options, but combine chilling/freezing space underneath a prep or serving counter. With a variety of unit sizes, storage configurations (drawers, GN trays or shelves) and specialised counter top features (e.g. drinks wells) to choose from, you can tailor your catering refrigerator to your exact needs.

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