R290 - Our Commitment to our World


Why R290?

In April 2001, following an announcement by the UK Government in response to the Government’s undertaking to reduce the level of ‘greenhouse’ gas emissions by 12.5% by 2010, (this undertaking being in accordance with the KYOTO protocol), a ‘NEW’ Tax was introduced based upon the energy used by Commercial Premises. This Tax was to become known as the ‘CLIMATE CHANGE LEVY’.


By proactively reducing and/or minimising your Company’s energy consumption this will help to minimise the impact of the Climate Levy on your business.

Commercial Refrigeration Equipment operates for 24 Hours per day throughout the year, therefore an efficient and viable cost saving solution can reduce the potential financial impact of the Climate Change Levy on your Business.

THE Porkka Solution:

Porkka (Member of the Huurre Group of Companies from Finland) have long considered the effect and the impact that Commercial Refrigeration has had on the World’s environment - our environment. This awareness has long been established as a ‘cornerstone’ on all new innovations and developments produced and introduced by one of Europe’s Premier Commercial Refrigeration Manufacturers.

This policy continues today with R290 now available on the following Porkka Equipment:

  • Porkka Modular Step-In Coldrooms*
  • Porkka Single Door Cabinets (all temperatures and options, including glass door units)
  • Porkka Refrigerated Display Line Counters
  • Porkka Refrigerated Food Preparation Counters 

*Porkka will shall soon be introducing Modular Step-In Freezer Rooms that will have the option of R290.

Money Saving Benefits of R290:

  • R290 is more energy efficient than other HFC Refrigerants achieving energy savings of up to 40%
  • R290 provides reduced heat emissions from the compressor, this is due to the compressors lower operating temperature
  • R290 generates lower noise omissions than other HFC Refrigerants
  • R290 offers ZERO ozone depletion and has a very low GWP (Global Warming Potential)
  • R290 increases the working life cycle of your commercial refrigeration equipment
  • R290 can recover the unit’s operational temperature quicker by using less energy that other items of equipment using other HFC Refrigerants.

For further information on R290, and how this option may help your business and reduce your energy/operational costs, please contact our UK Sales Office by phone 01923 779929 or email us at sales@porkka.co.uk