Small Ice Making Machines

Even the smallest bar or café is expected to provide ice for use in drinks, but such businesses have limited space for a large machine. So the demand for commercial small ice making machines is considerable.

Porkka cater for this demand with a useful range of small ice making machines suitable for commercial premises such as bars, hotels, restaurants and cafés. Our small ice making machines include both ice cube makers and ice flaking machines.

All our small ice making machines are made of stainless steel bodywork with plastic storage bins for hygiene and ease of cleaning.

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Small Ice Cube Making Machines

Our smallest conventional ice cube maker is the KL21 which can make up to 1110 cubes (20kg) per day. It measures just 345mm x 460mm x 587mm and is designed to sit on a counter top but can also be freestanding on legs if required.

It makes ice cubes by spraying water onto refrigerated cups, freezing the water layer by layer until the cube has reached the required size. Then the cups heat up slightly, allowing the cubes to detach and fall into the storage bin below. New water is drawn in and the process begins again. When the bin is full, this is detected automatically by the machine which switches off.

Still small, but with a significantly higher capacity of 1610 cubes (29kg) per day is the KL31, which measures 417mm x 531mm x 654mm.

If you require significantly larger capacity but need to stay small, try one of our vertical plate cubers (see below).

Small Vertical Plate Cubers

Where space is at a premium but volume of ice required is high, a vertical plate cuber will give you the highest possible volume of ice in a very small machine. Incredibly compact in size, these machines show that lack of space does not necessarily mean low capacity.

In this range you can choose whether you need to minimise width or height to fit into the available space. The narrowest unit is the KV150 which is just 560mm wide and 675mm high, and capable of making 12,090 cubes (165kg) per day – this compares to the 1110 cubes per day of the KL21 conventional cube maker.

But perhaps the most space efficient unit is the KV270 which is just 560mm high and 750mm wide but is capable of making over 24,500 cubes (295kg) per day.

Small Ice Flake Machines

Flaked ice is preferred over cubed ice for some purposes, such as for displaying some types of chilled product or to make some types of drinks (e.g. cocktails).

Our smallest capacity ice flake machine is the KF75, which can make 78kg per day and measures 485mm x 570mm x 720mm. It can sit on a counter top or be free standing with legs.

Alternatively, the KF180 and the KF250 are both slightly wider (585mm) but less deep (510mm) and considerably shorter (560mm). But they can make 183kg or 255kg of flakes per day respectively.

Small Ice Making Machines - Click here to view our full range of products