Temperature follow-up

Many commercial and professional operations need to be able to accurately monitor and record temperatures associated with their refrigeration processes. Organisations involved in food production need to comply with European HACCP food safety regulations by actively monitoring the temperatures at which food has been held. Medical operations need to be able to ensure that samples, blood supplies and vaccines, for instance, are held in optimum conditions to ensure they are fit for use. And research laboratories need to be able to demonstrate that the chemicals or other samples they use for test purposes have been accurately held at precise temperatures. And, quite apart from everyday monitoring, the value of the contents of refrigeration units means that all these operations need to be able to take immediate action in the event of a power cut or unit failure, to avoid costly or harmful losses.

Porkka is able to meet all these demands via the XWEB system which can automatically monitor refrigeration equipment, record temperatures in real time, generate alarms as necessary or adjust temperatures, 24 hours a day. It can be programmed to automatically alert personnel whenever specific alarms are generated.

XWEB is compact unit which is effectively an independent network server – it even has its own web page. It collects information from specified refrigeration units and makes this information available to view via either and internet browser or GPRS-enabled mobile phone. There are multiple versions of XWEB designed to monitor different sized operations – from up to 12 units to as many as 230 units. Since only a web browser is required to access data (no additional software required), the XWEB system can be accessed via any computer connected to the internet.

Active Monitoring

Traditional passive monitoring is dependent on supervisors noticing the current state of the system in order to take the necessary action – an impractical method which is prone to human error, particularly if large numbers of units are involved. By contrast, XWEB offers active, real-time monitoring capable of taking action when necessary – either by adjusting temperature levels automatically, or by notifying staff to take additional action. Alarms and updates can easily be distributed to whoever needs to be kept informed, whether technical or managerial personnel.

Cost and Efficiency Savings

Having real-time temperature data can contribute to improved efficiency in how equipment is used, resulting in reduced costs. Looking the temperature history can show how a particular refrigeration unit is being used within an operation, allowing adjustments to be made to reduce energy consumption.

Temperature patterns over time can also give an early indication of when servicing may be required. Carrying out pre-emptive servicing in response to this information helps to prevent unplanned downtimes with resulting loss in productivity or potential loss of contents. It also helps to prolong the life of the overall unit, with obvious cost savings in the long term.

In combination with a door switch, the XWEB system can record door opening frequency and duration, along with the resulting deviation from desired temperature. This data can be matched to particular parts of the operational process, such as receiving deliveries, busy times of day, and so on. This can be directly related to the way the unit is being used by personnel and training put in place to improve energy consumption.


A key feature of the XWEB system is its ability to collect data from multiple refrigeration units remotely and to be able to transmit that data to wherever it is needed, including being integrated into an existing Building Monitoring System if required.

The XWEB unit includes a TTL connection, with an RS485 adaptor option also available. Data is transmitted using ModBUS RTU protocol and individual refrigeration units are linked to a Porkka XWEB computer running Linux.

For continuous connection accessible by multiple users, connectivity  is provided via an RJ-45 cable and a fixed IP address. Alternatively, connection can be achieved via a modem connected to a phone line, providing access to one user at a time – which may be a preferable option for small operations. Data output can be easily viewed on any conventional web-enabled device including PCs, laptops and smartphones. SMS text alarms and updates can be sent to any conventional mobile phone or can alternatively be sent by email. This means no additional hardware or software needs to be purchased by the organisation in order to fully benefit from the connectivity offered by the XWEB system.

While this generic XWEB system is designed to offer maximum flexibility to cater for most requirements, additional software options are also available for more specialist applications.


To demonstrate the versatility and suitability of this system for both the Modern Caterer as well as for Industry and the General Commercial Sector. Porkka UK Ltd have available, upon request, a Power Point Presentation that explains the operational features, advantages and indeed benefits offered to end users by this unique Porkka Remote Temperature Monitoring System.