The Main Types of Cold Room

This page provides an overview of some of the main types of cold room available. We describe the features and differences between modular cold rooms, combi cold rooms, walk in cold rooms, industrial cold rooms and made to measure cold rooms.

What are Modular Cold Rooms?

Modular cold rooms are commercial sized refrigeration rooms, supplied in flat pack format for easy construction on site. The walls, floor and ceiling are made up of standard sized panels which are easily locked together. This enables a large variety of different sizes and configurations of cold room to be created using a small set of mass produced elements. For the end customer, this offers a highly tailored solution to fit whatever space they have available, but without the expense of a custom built room.

The panels used to construct modular cold rooms are highly efficient insulation materials encased within surfaces which are made from accredited food safe materials and are easy to clean. The standard surface is galvanised steel sheet coated with foodsafe polyester, but stainless steel is also available.

Modular cold rooms can be used to chill or freeze at any temperature range. The three main temperature ranges supplied by Porkka are:

Chiller (between 2 and 12C): Used for dairy, vegetables, prepared meals etc

Medium (between -2 and 5C): Used for fresh meat and fish

Freezer (down to -22C): Used for frozen goods of all kinds

Although food is the most common type of stock to be stored in modular cold rooms, they are also widely used for non-edible but perishable goods such as chemical or medical supplies, or other organic produce such as flowers or seeds.

Modern modular cold rooms, such as those supplied by Porkka, do a lot more than simply keep stock cold. They also include a range of sophisticated design features to ensure the safety of personnel, compliance with food safety legislation, ease and efficiency of use and much more.

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What are Combi Cold Rooms?

Many businesses, particularly those involved in catering, need to keep different types of stock at different temperature ranges (e.g. chiller and freezer). In this case, they can choose either to have multiple independent cold rooms, or to have a combination cold room which has separate internal temperature zones. Combi cold rooms take up less overall space than the equivalent multiple cold rooms and are therefore chosen when there is a shortage of space or where the space is long and narrow.

The typical internal layout for combi cold rooms is to divide the room into two. The external access door leads into the warmest of the two zones (usually the chiller zone). One of the walls of the chiller zone will house an additional door which leads into the colder of the two zones (usually a freezer zone). Each zone is controlled by independent refrigeration units.

Porkka supplies a wide selection of combi cold rooms offering a range of different overall storage volumes and a variety of different splits between the two zones. They also come complete with internal 4 tier shelving.

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What are Walkin Cold Rooms?

Both the modular cold rooms and combi cold rooms described above are examples of walkin cold rooms. Walkin cold rooms are simply cold rooms which are designed to enable a person to completely enter the room. Whereas a cabinet refrigerator holds stock immediately behind the door, a walkin cold room will have stock stored on shelving away from the door.

Walkin cold rooms become necessary when the amount of stock to be stored exceeds a level which can be easily accessed via a cabinet design, or which exceeds cabinet volumes.

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What are Made to Measure rooms?

If a client has requirements which cannot be met using the modular or combi options described above, Porkka can provide a made-to-measure cold room. This is a custom-built room which can be created to fit just about any dimensions required by the customer in multiples of 15cm in any dimension, giving a greater range of size options than the standard modular cold room options.

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What are Industrial Cold Rooms?

Industrial cold rooms are designed to deal with volumes much higher than 20m<sup>3</sup>. While the cold rooms discussed above are designed mainly for personnel access, with perhaps some trolley access, industrial cold rooms are designed to store bulk quantities of goods and can involve access by vehicles such as forklift trucks taking pallet loads of stock in and out of the room. Apart from simply being a great deal bigger, industrial cold rooms will have different design features to accommodate the different type of access and internal storage, such as larger doors and pallet racking.

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