Walk in Cold Rooms / Walk in Freezer Rooms

Porkka sell a range of modular walkin cold rooms and walk in freezer rooms in a wide range of standard sizes. They are designed to meet the needs of commercial users in the catering and food supply industries, as well as specialist non-food businesses requiring reliable temperature control for high volumes of stock.

This article provides an overview of the range of walk in cold rooms and walk in freezer rooms that Porkka supply, along with many of the features and additional customer options available.

What are Walk in Cold Rooms / Walk in Freezer Rooms?

Walkin cold rooms are industrial sized fridges for storing large volumes of foodstuffs or other perishable supplies at a constant temperature. In contrast to cabinet fridges, walk in cold rooms and walk in freezer rooms have a door which goes down to floor level and allows a person to completely enter the room to reach stock which will typically be stored on shelving on side and/or rear walls.

A walkin cold room will operate in one of two temperature zones. A “chiller” room will operate between 2 and 12C, while a “medium” temperature room will operate between -2 and +5C.

Walk in freezer rooms are identical in overall design to walk in cold rooms but have a refrigeration unit which can maintain temperatures between -18 and -22C. Commercial walk in cold rooms or freezer rooms are also designed to provide extremely reliable and even temperature control. Porkka cold rooms and freezers, for instance, are supplied with specialist monitoring features which comply with 2006 HACCP requirements for temperature control.

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Why Walk In?

The larger the volume of stock to be chilled or frozen, and the more frequently personnel need to access items of stock, the more important it becomes to have a walk in design. The bigger a conventional cabinet fridge or freezer becomes, the harder it becomes to access stock towards the rear of the cabinet. This presents two major operational problems for businesses.

Firstly, staff spend a lot of time taking stock out of the cabinet so that they can reach produce at the back, and then having to put stock back again. This is wasteful of staff time, and also involves the cabinet doors being held open for long periods, which wastes power and can threaten overall temperature control, since warmer outside air reaches the stock almost as soon as the door is opened. Stock stored in walk in cold rooms or walk in freezer rooms is stored some distance away from the door and so is less affected by the door being opened for short periods.

Secondly, most businesses need staff to rotate stock in order to minimise waste. A cabinet design which makes this harder to do will eventually mean that stock is not rotated as well as it could be, or that staff will need to spend significant time reorganising stock within the cabinet in order to achieve correct rotation. Walk in cold rooms and freezers have internal shelving which is designed to be easy to access, making it easier and quicker for staff to reach the correct stock.

Do Walk in Cold Rooms / Freezer Rooms Need to be Custom Built?

Not necessarily. Porkka’s modular approach to design means that customers can choose from a large range of different configurations to fit the space they have available at their site. The modular system means that a customer can achieve an almost bespoke level of tailoring, but at mass product prices.

But, in the unlikely event that one of our standard solutions does not meet a particular customer’s needs, we can also provide a made-to-measure solution.

What are Walk in Cold Rooms and Walk in Freezer Rooms Made Of?

The wall panels used to construct a standard Porkka cold room are made from sheets of 0.6mm galvanised steel, with a foodsafe polyester coating. The panels can alternatively be coated with PVF2 or stainless steel if required by the customer, and thicker 1.0mm steel is also available if required. The wall panels are insulated using rigid polyurethane which is CFC and HCFC free.

The construction of floor panels depends greatly on the quantity and type of traffic expected to use the room. Standard floor panels are surfaced with 9mm non-slip plywood, which is adequate for normal pedestrian wear and rubber wheeled trolleys. If heavier use is expected 15mm plywood or crimped aluminium surfaces are available. For fork lift truck traffic, concrete slabs are required. Where floor panels rest directly onto bare earth, there is a risk of ground frost damage – this is protected against using electrical heating wires through the panels.

What Internal Storage is Supplied?

Porkka cold room prices include our unique 4 tier shelving system which has been specially designed for ease of use. Shelf height can be steplessly adjusted, meaning that customers can have exactly the height they require for different types of stock. There is a choice of 3 depths – 330mm, 430mm and 530mm – and are made either of painted galvanised steel (standard) or stainless steel (special order).

What Warranty is Available?

Porkka cold rooms are supplied with a 2 year warranty.