Porkka PIRLOCK™ is the first PIR, walk in cold room full Camlocked solution

  • All wall panels are hermetically PIRLOCKED together

  • All roof panels are PIRLOCKED together and to the wall panels

  • All wall panels are PIRLOCKED to the floor panels

  • All floor panels are PIRLOCKED together

Faster to build

  • When compared to non Camlocked panels PIRLOCK reduces build time from days to hours

  • Extremely efficient modular design


Since the advent of PIR flame retardant insulation foams for continuous panels some years ago, Porkka, as leading cold room suppliers, have been determined to incorporate this technology into the panels used in its Modular Walk In Cold Rooms. It is with pride that we now announce that Porkka has received full fireproof classification for camlock PIR panels.

 Declaration of Performance, PIR
 Declaration of Performance, PIR-R

Fire Proof Classification EN 14509

  • Flame retardant technology to B-s2, d0  EN14509 standard
  • Actively resists fire
  • In contact with flame an oxygen barrier crust forms
  • Vastly reduced production of toxic fumes
  • Slowing the spread of fire
  • Allowing more time for personnel to escape

Now supplied with MCR, UCR and SD7 Door

Porkka PIRLOCK™ Cold and Freezer MCR & UCR rooms can now be supplied:
  • As a complete room for use with Porkka Refrigeration pod
  • As room only for use with traditional split system
  • As bespoke UCR rooms built to customer requirements

Ready to move forward?

Welcome to the world of PORKKA Cold and freezer Rooms. We are proud of our innovations and specially excited of our customers developing businesses. If you are interested in going with PIRLOCK™ panel rooms, please feel free to contact our experts: sales@porkka.co.uk.

You can also send technical queries directly to Business Line Manager: Petteri.piirto@porkka.com