Porkka Clean rooms require the achieved level of hygiene

Porkka have strong expertise in the design and manufacture of pharmaceutical and electronics cleanrooms. Porkka is also internationally recognised as designers and manufacturers of cold rooms for sale with dedicated refrigeration. Porkka cold rooms have the option of hinged or sliding doors as well as fire-safe doors for the ship industry and ramped entries for the food industry.

A clean room functions so that the air pressure is greater in the clean room than in its surroundings. With this approach, non-cleaned air cannot flow from adjacent rooms into the clean room. Clean room technology aims to control the number of organic and inorganic particles, air temperature, moisture, and pressure difference with the surrounding rooms.

Manufactured in Finland

Medical and scientific research requires the close control of impurities within the workspace. The solution is a Porkka clean room. Porkka clean rooms and medical refrigerators are designed and manufactured in a modern factory of Porkka in Finland.

Clean rooms applications

Clean Rooms are widely applied across many industries:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Electronics
  • Biotechnology and Bioindustry
  • Space technology
  • Food industry
  • Companies and industries requiring particle-free clean rooms for product development, for the product itself, or during the manufacturing stage.

Clean room doors

Clean room doors are made of the same materials as the clean room panels and are 65 mm deep. Clean room doors are manufactured to the customer needs, taking into account the 100 mm modular spacing. The maximum aperture width of the single door is 1300 mm and double door is 2600 mm, both with a maximum aperture height of 2600 mm. The doors come with lock options, and a silicone gasket. Handles and other door equipment are selected in accordance with the requirements of the intended use of each individual room.

Clean room panels

Clean room panels CFC insulation is foamed in the mold and is HCF-free, currently the most environmentally friendly polyurethane. The density is approx. 40 kg / m3. The panel surface is 0.6 mm hot dip galvanized or stainless steel sheet. Hot-dip plating surface plates approved food polyester, which is anti-static. If required, the surface sheet can be coated with semi-conductive polyester. The stainless steel quality options are either AISI 304 2B or 4N (milled). Panel standard thickness is 65 mm. Standard panels are 1200 mm maximum width x 6000 mm maximum length.

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Porkka is Well Known for its Quality and Reliability Throughout the World.

Porkka is an internationally known Finnish professional refrigeration equipment designer and manufacturer.

Our Porkka range incorporates HoReCa, Scientific and Marine equipments and solutions for frozen, chilled and heated storage, as well as specialist services.

We also offer a comprehensive selection of refrigeration solutions for Marine industry including cabinets, counters, doors and rooms.

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