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UCR Universal Cold Room

The new Universal Cold Room (UCR) is designed for many types of applications. The rooms are designed and manufactured by experts in our factory in Finland and each room is individually adapted to the needs of the customer.
The Universal Cold Room solution holds angles and irregular shapes, even sloping ceilings are possible.

Ice machines

Porkka KL ice machines with spray system and Porkka KF ice flake machines with binge for professional ice production. Made of stainless steel. Whole ice cubes. The ice machines are delivered ready to use and are easily connected with a plug-in. Porkka Ice machines are equipped with air cooling (A) or with water cooling (W). Fully automatic control system ensures low power and water consumption. Integrated purification system.

MCR Modular Cold Room

The Modular Cold Rooms (MCR) are made of high-quality materials and have low energy consumption and low noise levels. This makes these products the ideal choice for keeping temperature-sensitive foods. We produce these commercial refrigerators in our own factory in Finland and they have been designed to be both robust and energy efficient.

Ultra-energy efficient Inventus cabinets

Ultra energy efficient Inventus refrigerators and commercial freezers are for use in professional kitchens, bakeries and food preparation and storage areas.  Inventus cabinets have been tested according to the European Ecodesign energy labelling regulation EN 16825 for professional refrigeration equipment. The entire range of our Inventus refrigerators and freezers have been rated as ‘A’ or ‘B’ class with a power consumption of only 0.79 kW per 24 hours for the most energy efficient model.

Future series professional cabinets

Designed to operate using the latest hydrocarbon energy efficient refrigerant R290 the cabinets can operate in ambient temperatures up to +43 °C the cabinets are supplied with a choice of legs or castors, easy to change pull out / push-in door gaskets and adjustable four tier shelving which is fitted with ant-tilt supports to avoid accidental spillages. 

Counters for food and beverages

Designed to be used as both preparation work tables and food storage units, Porkka counters are designed for use in busy kitchens in restaurants, food preparation areas, cafés, canteens etc. 

Manufactured from quality components they are durable and long lasting, naturally, the counters are supplied ready for the usage and benefit from stainless steel bodies both internally and externally. 

Digital Heat and Moisture Control (DHMC)

Over several years Porkka have developed a new revolutionary food hold unit that has been designed to store pre-cooked foods for hours on end. 

The principle is to add humidity combined with heat and forced air circulation. This has the effect of neutralising the drying out of products that would happen in standard hot cupboards. 

Dishes such as cooked rice and pasta, as well as fish and meat can be stored for up to and over 4 hours, without losing texture, colour or appearance. There is also no taste transfer between the foods being stored prior to serving. 

Self-service refrigerated display counters

From our comprehensive range, Porkka also offer chilled self-service counters, for use in canteens, cafes and petrol forecourt shops. The ‘Display Line’ is an attractive impulse sales merchandiser that will encourage potential customers to buy, they can store and display sandwiches, snacks and beverages in temperature controlled conditions. 

There is an added benefit of extra storage under the display for rapid re-stocking during busy periods. Several sizes are available which are, designed to be built in to longer cafeteria lines as required. 

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PORKKA | Medical & Research

Online Product Catalogue Thank you for visiting. Porkka Scientific is manufacturing a wide range of refrigerators, freezers, chillers, ice machines, incubators, plasma freezers, pharmacy refrigerators and constant temperature storage rooms to fill our customers demand. Online Catalogue >

Porkka offers a wide range of commercial refrigerators and freezers, ice machines, incubators, plasma freezers, pharmacy refrigerators and constant temperature storage rooms. Porkka’s entire scientific and medical range has been designed and manufactured for professional use and meets the most stringent requirements. The versatile range offers quality and ease of use, and the low power consumption ensures that Porkka’s scientific and medical equipment are environmentally friendly.

Cold and freezer rooms, Clean rooms

Porkka has extensive competence in the design and manufacture of pharmaceutical and electronics facilities. Porkka is also an internationally recognized designer and manufacturer of cold rooms with dedicated cooling. Porkka Walk In rooms can be fitted with hinges or sliding doors as well as fireproof doors. Porkka’s UCR rooms are designed to optimize the use of available space in the best possible way.

Ice machines and Flake ice machines

Ice cubes can be used to improve patient comfort in departments and especially for immunosuppressed clients where a cold drink is highly appreciated. Flake ice can be used in many different locations, both in laboratories and medical institutions, from physiotherapy and instrument calibration or transport of donated organs. The ice remains freezing, even during long storage periods.

Medical chillers and freezers

The Porkka ProMed Medical Cabinet has been designed to improve product safety. Based on our clinical studies, we created the new innovative Porkka ProMed product family that will replace its predecessor, the successful MC Series Medical Cabinet. We paid special attention to the prevention of microbial growth.

Cabinets for research

Designed for the demanding standards expected in laboratory use. They are energy efficient, safe and reliable with an extremely long service life, and are environmentally friendly as well as using HFC–free refrigerants and insulation. Up to 98% of the equipment can be recycled after use.

Why Choose Porkka?

Porkka is an expert, internationally involved in the development of standards of refrigeration equipment, as well as one of the first using more environment-friendly refrigerants. Porkka professional refrigeration equipment is known for its high quality all over the world.

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Winning Together!

We are committed to energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Our solutions are a good base to build your business on. We offer you a true partnership where you can focus on your core business.

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Quality in front!

We live through high quality in products, safety and services. For us quality means also long life cycles of products and solutions that help you to manage your business.


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We design solutions!

During the last 70 years in the business we have created capabilities to meet your most challenging needs. Our experts and designers are at you service to find the best solutions for your business requirements.

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World class services! We are at your service to provide certified installation, technical and maintenance services. We are committed to keep your business running 24/7.

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Porkka is Well Known for its Quality and Reliability Throughout the World.

Porkka is an internationally known Finnish professional refrigeration equipment designer and manufacturer.

Our Porkka range incorporates HoReCa, Scientific and Marine equipment and solutions for frozen, chilled and heated storage, as well as specialist services.

We also offer a comprehensive selection of refrigeration solutions for Marine industry including cabinets, counters, doors and rooms.

Our key markets include Scandinavia, the United Kingdom, Central and Northern Europe and Russia.In addition we have distributors all over the world.