New MED and MEDLAB products are designed to promote your product safety

The new MED product family is replacing the Porkka ProMed -series

Wide range of cabinets and drawer units, especially for the needs of physician’s offices, hospitals, and healthcare facilities. Lockable cabinets and drawer cabinets that are easy to clean are the ideal solutions for storing medicines. The standard feature of all MED and MEDLAB products is an antibacterial handle (1), and an automatic condensate evaporation system (4). Antibacterial treatment of the handle and the evaporation pan includes adding a silver-based additive to their components during the manufacturing process. Thanks to such treatment the handles and evaporation pans are permanently protected against microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, mould, and even viruses)..

Moreover, every MED and MEDLAB product features a counter or a hygienic cover (2). The products are designed to minimise spreading of bacteria and viruses, while eliminating the need to have the water accumulation pan emptied by the user (3).


The current product range offers a wide selection of refrigeration equipment for storing blood products. The refrigeration equipment of the BB-series satisfies, inter alia, the requirements of DIN 58371 set to real-time temperature recording. All blood bank cabinets can be equipped with a GD glass door.

MED SAVE products

In order to ensure real time temperature recordings control unit has LED display and USB port to facilitate recording. products are available with optional battery backup and anti-freeze protection systems (DIN 58345 criteria).

All MED / MEDLAB -products