Designed to Meet Your Needs

If you are interested in cold rooms for sale, the new Universal Cold Room is designed for any application. The rooms are designed and manufactured by experts in the Porkka factory in Finland, each room individually customized to meet customer needs. The Universal Cold Room (UCR) solution can accommodate angles and irregular shapes – even sloped ceilings are possible.

Maximize the use of the installation space

The UCR is at its best in demanding areas; among other things, the rooms supporting structures and piping for the refrigeration can be rotated by design. The UCR freezer room version with thick insulation materials allow a higher operating temperature.

Get More Cold Capacity with Extra Cooling Unit

Available as a plug-in model. With one powerful cooling unit the walk-in freezer room may be cooled up to 22 m3. Additional cooling units can be added for larger rooms.

Doors as you like

UCR door options include hinged or sliding doors for chiller and freezer rooms. Double leaf doors are also available on request. Find more information in our Technical Data sheet for doors. Doors are manufactured in the same factory as the wall elements and are designed for heavy use.

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    Reliable and secure

    Porkka Universal Cold and Freezer rooms are a safe choice. They are designed and manufactured to be virtually maintenance free. However, if necessary, service and help is always nearby.

    Good Controllability of the Life Cycle

    Functional refrigeration and freezing room can be a significant part of your successful business. If you are interested in environmentally friendly cold rooms for sale, the materials used in Porkka products are as recyclable and eco-friendly as possible. The recyclability of our product is more than 95%.

    Three Temperature Ranges

    The UCR is available in three temperature ranges:

    • C | +2C… +12C
    • M | -2C… +5C
    • F | -22C… -18C

    Plug In –Cooling Unit

    Porkka Plug In Cooling units have been designed to be both powerful and energy efficient. Digital temperature displays have built-in high/low alarms which are both audible and visual. These can be connected via a volt-free relay to a building management system.

    Door options

    The UCR door options include hinged or sliding doors for chiller and freezer rooms. Double leaf doors are also available on request. Find more information in our Technical Data sheet for doors.

    Modular Shelving System

    Individual shelves of the hygienic shelving system can be washed in a commercial dishwasher. The shelves’ dimensions allow the maximum storage space available. Our chiller and freezer room assortment offer a wide variety of choices for diverse needs.

    Flooring and underfloor heating

    Porkka freezer rooms are always supplied with underfloor heating to prevent freezing or moisture damage to the structure below. With special arrangements cold rooms can be supplied without a floor in order to facilitate the use of forklifts or roll cages (see Technical data)

    Wall and Roof Elements

    The UCR is constructed of modular panels with male/female joints, which are connected by eccentric action cam locks giving them all-round strength.

    The visible exterior surfaces of the panels are hot zinc-coated and rustproof polyester-coated steel, which is classified as food safe. Stainless steel surfaces are also available.

    Porkka RHDS® Remote Heat Disposal System

    The RHDS system is similar to the standard Porkka unit with the addition of a liquid condenser, header tank and pump. Water pipes are connected from the remote condenser to the refrigeration unit.


    UCR Cold and Freezer rooms are customized according to the customer’s needs. The shape of the room, the location of the door(s), partition walls (if needed) and the location of the cooling unit(s) are designed to suit your needs. With a partition wall and two different cooling units, a combined cold and freezer room is also possible.

    Control Unit

    The Porkka temperature display is supplied with a built-in high/low temperature alarm which is both audible and visual and can also be connected to a building management system by means of a volt free connection.

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