Modular  Step-In Cold and Freezer Rooms for Professionals

Porkka has sold thousands of walk in cold rooms and modular freezer rooms all over the world. Their popularity is based on the ease of installation and functionality. Our Step-in Rooms made from high-quality materials combine low energy consumption and quiet operation.

Porkka walk in cold rooms and freezer rooms have been designed to comply with the most stringent hygiene requirements and are for professional use.

The rooms are simple and easy to install, and use. All rooms are equipped with self-monitoring capability as standard interface. Porkka offers a wide range of modular room sizes, selectable in different temperature ranges.

Carefully planned materials and details

Porkka rooms are produced from modular CFC/HCFC-free polyurethane insulated panels which are moulded with male / female joints and held by eccentric action cam-locks, giving great all-round strength. The visible exterior surfaces of the panels are coated with durable scratch resistant polyester, which is classified as food safe. Insulation thickness with excellent thermal efficiency is 80mm as standard with an option of 100mm for freezer application if required.

Doors are semi-rebated and supplied with heavy duty hinges and lockable door handle with emergency entrapment release. Thresholds and surrounds are produced from durable stainless steel with a heater supplied for freezer application. Doors are already pre-mounted on a panel for ease of assembly in the field.

Floors, when supplied, are insulated and have a strong marine plywood surface, which is coated with a non-slip glass fibre resin. Load limit for a standard floor max. 40 KN/m2 or max 1,0 KN/ per 40mm castor. Heavy duty floor with stainless steel surface available as an additional accessory.

The Porkka hygienic shelving system allows the operator to wash individual shelves in a commercial dishwasher, whilst larger dimensions increase storage areas within our rooms. All Porkka Chiller and Freezer Rooms can be placed next to each other. The refrigeration units can be ordered with left or right handed positioning.

Choose a room according to your needs

  • Porkka range includes sizes from 1.2 to 22 m3.?
  • Three temperature ranges: +2 … + 8 °C for chilled produce, -2 …. + 5 °C, meat and fish, -18 …- 22 °C frozen food.
  • Plug In rooms available with R290 and R452A refrigerants
  • Standard rooms available with RHDS if required
  • Insulation thickness 80mm or 100mm.
  • Standard door width is 700mm, other widths available. Door hinging can be left or right handed.
  • Supplied as standard with 4-tier, machine washable, cantilevered plastic shelves. Optional also available in stainless steel.
  • For trolley operation cold rooms are also available without floor.
  • Floored rooms can be recessed into the floor or equipped with ramps.
  • Refrigeration panel, depending on the size of the room, can be sited to the left or the right front corner.
  • External height with 80mm insulation thickness is 2100mm or 2400mm and with 100mm insulation is 2140mm or 2440mm.

Ecological and sustainable choice

Make a sustainable choice and choose a standard room with R290 refrigerant. Choosing a refrigeration appliance that uses natural hydrocarbon save energy costs and is also kind to nature.

In tests up to 33% of electricity consumption reduction has been achieved. This brings Porkka modular cold rooms and freezer users considerable savings in operating costs over the entire life cycle of the equipment.

R290 refrigerant has a very low climate (GWP 3).

Various door options

The doors are supplied with durable hinges. Each door is equipped with a lockable door handle having an internal security that bypasses the lock, removing the requirement & cost of a trapped personal alarm. Doors are available left or right hinged (to be specified at time of ordering) and pre mounted in the panel factory.

Standard door width is 700mm. The smallest standard rooms supplied have a 550mm wide door and there are options for 900 or 1000mm doors for larger rooms. Freezer room doors have a heating element that prevents the door gasket freezing. Room sills and edges are made of solid stainless steel.

To facilitate the use of trolleys, chiller rooms can be supplied without a floor. In this instance, the room is erected on an insulated plinth and the door equipped with a sweeper gasket. Medium and low temperature rooms must always be supplied with a floor. In either case, the doors are fitted with a sweeper gasket.

Central Cooling (CC) System -ready

Standard walk in cold rooms and modular freezer rooms can be equipped with central cooling system connection. In this case, the required connections to cooling unit’s electrical and plumbing devices are already at the factory installed.

With CC-ready model the generated heat is transferred away from kitchen. It is also very silent in operation.

Compared to traditional central cooling system room solutions and enables energy-saving, lower room design solutions from an altitude of 2100 mm.

The hygiene is enhanced by the fact that there is no need to install drainage in the room and the installation of the lighting fixture and other equipment has been done so that cleaning is easy.


The standard room is available with various flooring options. Cold rooms can be provided floorless In this case, the wall panels are installed on top of an insulated surface and the door is equipped with a sweeper gasket.

Medium temperature and freezer rooms are always delivered with an insulated floor. An optional ramp is available for trolley access, alternatively the floor can be recessed. Freezer Rooms are always equipped with underfloor heating which helps prevent moisture damage to the freezer room.

Insulated floors are coated with an anti-slip glass fiber. The standard floor load capacity is up to 40 kN / m2 or 1.0 kN / 40 mm wheel. Options include a reinforced floor with a stainless steel surface.

Shelving System

The Porkka modular cold room shelving system is highly practical and easy to clean.

Standard shelving includes four (4) tier dishwasher safe polycarbonate (food safe) inserts and supporting material. Shelving is supplied for either 2 or 3 walls dependent on model selected.

HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point)

Versatile, built-in HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) – with the optional XDL-01 monitoring device which enables continuous and real-time temperature monitoring, that can be downloaded via a USB stick (complies with the European Food Act being implemented by many governments).

Porkka Remote Heat Disposal System (RHDS®)

The RHDS system is similar to the standard Porkka unit with the addition of a liquid condenser, header tank and pump. Water pipes are then connected from the remote condenser to the refrigeration unit. After connecting the system is filled with a water glycol solution that will operate in both summer and winter conditions. The multi-fix condenser can be positioned either within an area that will benefit from heat input or externally. The unit can be floor or wall mounted.

In addition the equipment benefits the environment by utilising a very small Porkka Remote Heat Disposal System (RHDS®) refrigerant charge and reducing running costs.

Air-cooled condenser dust filter

The air inlet to the condenser is on the lower part of the refrigeration unit, ensuring the coolest air is always used, helping to reduce running costs and extending the service life of the unit. The dust filter behind the air grill is easy to clean or replace. The controller provides information on when the filter requires cleaning or changing.

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