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Porkka Modular Cold and Freezer Rooms (MCR)

Porkka has sold thousands of modular step-in cold storage rooms all over the world. Their popularity is based on the ease of installation and functionality. Our Step-in Rooms made from high-quality materials combine low energy consumption and quiet operation.

Porkka cold and freezer rooms have been designed to comply with the most stringent hygiene requirements and are for professional use.

The rooms are simple and easy to install, and to use. All rooms are equipped with self-monitoring capability as standard interface. Porkka offers a wide range of modular room sizes, selectable in different temperature ranges.

A full range of rooms is available with the traditional R452A refrigerant. Optionally, for room size up to 10 m3 you can choose cooling unit with very efficient R290 refrigerant, a natural hydrocarbon (‘Global Warming Impact’ (GWP 3)).



The door is supplied with heavy duty hinges and a lockable door handle with a luminous emergency entrapment release, which overrides the lock at all times, should someone accidentally be shut in the room. Door threshold and surround is fitted with a heater to prevent freezing of the gasket to the frame in low temperature models. If required floor panels can also be supplied with built-in heaters to prevent freezing or moisture damage below a larger freezer room.

Alarm functions

The Porkka temperature display is supplied with a built-in high/low temperature alarm which is both audible and visual and can also be connected to a building management system by means of a volt free connection.

Trolley operation

To facilitate the use of trolleys, chill rooms can be supplied without a floor. In this instance, the room is erected on an insulated plinth and the door equipped with a sweeper gasket. The installation package contains all components. Medium and low temperature rooms must always be supplied with a floor. If trolley use is essential, it is possible to recess the floor, or, if above ground, supply an optional ramp. In either case, the doors are fitted with a sweeper gasket.


  • Produced from modular HCF-free polyurethane insulated panels which are molded with male/female joints and held by eccentric action cam-locks, giving great all-around strength
  • Visible exterior surfaces of the panels are coated with durable scratch resistant polyester
  • Insulation thickness 80 mm or optional 100 mm with excellent thermal efficiency, which is HCF free
  • Standard heights with 80 mm insulation are 2100/2400 mm Standard heights with 100 mm insulation are 2140/2440 mm
  • Semi-rebated doors, supplied with heavy duty hinges and a lockable door handle with emergency entrapment release which overrides lock on all occasions
  • 4 tier fully adjustable shelving is supplied for either 2 or 3 walls depending on model selected. Shelve plates are made of heavy-duty, easy to clean ABS-plastic
  • Specialist built-in corner mounted refrigeration equipment
  • Digital temperature display with built-in microprocessor controller
  • Visual and audible high/low temperature alarm
  • Remote, volt-free, alarm contact for connection to a Building Management System

Optional Features

  • Internal and external surfaces can be made, using stainless steel grade AISI 304
  • Floor surface with an anti-slip (R11) stainless steel grade AISI 304
  • Doors with a clear opening of 900 & 1000 mm for selected models
  • Real-time temperature data logging with download to USB facility, optional with battery backup
  • Extra shelving levels if required
  • Refrigeration units with environmentally friendly refrigerant R290 available for rooms up to 10 m3
  • Low ambient protection kit
  • Anti-freeze floor heating

Specification of refrigeration units, MK 5 (R290)

Temperature Range +2…+12°C -2…+5°C -22…-18°C -22…-18°C
Volume <10m3 <10m3 <5m3 5-10m3
Connection Power (kW) (plug-in) 0.7 0.7 1.43 1.09
Fuse 1 x 10 A 1 x 10 A 1 x 10 A 1 x 10 A
Voltage 230V/50Hz 230V/50Hz 230V/50Hz 230V/50Hz
Ambient Temperature +5…+32°C +5…+32°C +5…+32°C +5…+32°C
Refrigerant R290 R290 R290 R290

Specification of refrigeration units, MK 4 (452A)

C940 C1240 M940 M1240 F840 F1140 F1540
Temperature range +2°C … +12°C +2°C … +12°C -2°C … +5°C -2°C … +5°C -22°C … -18°C -22°C … -18°C -22°C … -18°C
Volume (m³) < 12 < 22 < 12 < 22 < 11 < 14 < 22
Connection power (plug-in) (kW) 0.81 1.07 1.20 1.62 1.42 1.91 2.19 (2.27)
Connection power (CC) (kW) 0.33 0.39 1.32 1.83 1.32 1.83 1.83
Connection power H2O (kW) * 0.73 0.99 1.12 1.54 1.33 1.83 2.08 (2.16)
Connection power RHDS® (kW)* 0.86 1.13 1.26 1.68 1.48 1.97 2.27 (2.35)
Fuse 1 x 10 A 1 x 10 A 1 x 10 A 1 x 10 A 1 x 10 A 1 x 16 A 3 x 10 A
Voltage 230V/50Hz 230V/50Hz 230V/50Hz 230V/50Hz 230V/50Hz 230V/50Hz 400V/50Hz 3-Ph
Cooling effect (CC) (kW) 133 1.90 1.24 1.80 1.20 1.43 2.02
Evaporating temperature (CC) -8°C -8°C -10°C -10°C -28°C -28°C -28°C
Ambient temperature +5°C … +32°C +5°C … +32°C +5°C … +32°C +5°C … +32°C +5°C … +32°C +5°C … +32°C +5°C … +32°C
Refrigerant R404A R404A R404A R404A R404A R404A R404A
Level of sound pressure
1m/1,5m (dB re 20μPa)
53 dB (A) 53 dB (A) 53 dB (A) 53 dB (A) 55 dB (A) 58 dB (A) 59 dB (A)
Level of sound pressure 1m/1,5m (dB re 20μPa) RHDS® 49 dB (A) 49 dB (A) 49 dB (A) 49 dB (A) 51 dB (A) 54 dB (A) 55 dB (A)
RHDS® liquid condenser RHDS® 2140 RHDS® 2160 RHDS® 2140 RHDS® 2160 RHDS® 2140 RHDS® 2160 2x RHDS® 2140
Fluid condenser acoustic pressure at location 10m (dB re 20 μPa) 34 dB (A) 34 dB (A) 34 dB (A) 34 dB (A) 34 dB (A) 34 dB (A) 37d B (A)


Versatile, built-in HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) – with the optional XDL-01 monitoring device which enables continuous and real-time temperature monitoring, which can be downloaded via a USB stick. In compliance with the European Food Act being implemented by many governments.


Porkka Remote Heat Disposal System (RHDS®)

The RHDS system is similar to the standard Porkka unit with the addition of a liquid condenser, header tank, and pump. Water pipes are then connected from the remote condenser to the refrigeration unit. After connecting the system it is filled with a water-glycol solution that will operate in both summer and winter conditions. The multi-fix condenser can be positioned either within an area that will benefit from heat input or externally. The unit can be floor or wall mounted.

In addition, the equipment benefits the environment by utilizing a very small refrigerant charge and reducing running costs. Installation of the equipment is quick and easy and can be undertaken by competent installers that do not necessarily have to be qualified refrigeration engineers, though they are recommended. The RHDS® can be used throughout our standard range of rooms and at all temperatures i.e. chilled, medium or freezer versions. For a standard installation, a pipe can be run as much as 25 meters horizontally with a maximum vertical lift of 4.5 meters within the run, the height of which is measured from the pump within the refrigeration unit.

The Porkka RHDS® unit is equipped with a refrigerant-to-liquid heat exchanger. Waste refrigeration heat is transferred to the water solution where it is circulated to the condenser where the heat is given up to the ambient air.

RHDS® liquid to air condenser can be a wall, floor or roof mounted either externally or ideally within an area where the heat can be utilized such as a warehouse, etc. Noise levels are kept low as only fans are run on the external unit.

Shelving System

The Porkka modular cold room shelving system is highly practical and easy to clean. Standard shelving delivery includes four (4) tier dishwasher safe polycarbonate (food safe) inserts and supporting material. Shelving is supplied for either 2 or 3 walls dependent on model selected.


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