Porkka Coldline and Hotline for food and drinks

Porkka offers a wide range of hot & cold food storage and serving equipment for food and beverage HoReCa use, such as hot food buffets. The Porkka HoReCa equipment is designed and manufactured for professionals, and the products meet the most stringent customer requirements. The versatile range offers quality and ease of use and low power consumption ensures that Porkka HoReCa equipment is environmentally friendly.

Cold Line Counters

Cold Line counters are built according to European standards and are specifically designed to meet the requirements of restaurants and catering facilities. Cold Line refrigeration is intended for the storage of refrigerated foods and beverages, as well as serving food.

Choose from a wide range of sizes & applications. The design of our cold food counters combines user-friendliness, versatility, ease of maintenance and cleaning with reliability and longevity.

Hot Line Counters

Hot Line counters are specifically designed to meet the requirements of restaurants and catering facilities. Hot Line counters are intended for the storing and serving of pre-heated foods, perfect for hot food buffets, amongst other applications. Excellent air circulation ensures the products are held at exactly the right temperature.

The design of Hot Line counters combines user-friendliness, versatility, ease of maintenance and cleaning with reliability and longevity.

Digital Heat and Moisture Control

Porkka have developed a range of revolutionary hot food holding counters, the DHMC™. The DHMC™ has been designed to store pre-cooked foods for hours without deterioration to the texture or taste.

The principle is to add humidity combined with heat and forced air circulation, this has the effect of neutralizing the drying out of products that would happen in standard hot cupboards. Many DHMC™  are in daily use on military bases, hotels, restaurants and merchant vessels & schools with the DHMC™  being awarded an ‘Innovation Award’ by LACA (Local Authorities Catering Association).

DL-Display Line Counters

Porkka Display Line has been designed for attractive impulse sales merchandising. Display Line can be placed in food serving lines or cafeterias and can store and display sandwiches, snacks and beverages in temperature controlled conditions that will encourage potential impulse purchases.

Products can be displayed impressively and attractively, always fresh and ready for serving. Display Line Counters are GN dimensioned.

Digital thermostat and air circulation enhanced by a fan guarantee an even temperature throughout the cabinet. Display Line showcases are available in three different widths.

Bar 550 Line Counters

Porkka Bar 550 Line series of counters are ideal for the storage and serving of beverages at optimum temperature for customer satisfaction. Manufactured from quality components with stainless steel exteriors and interiors all grade AISI 304, the Porkka Bar 550 counters are durable and long lasting.

They can be supplied in various formats with either doors or drawers, chilled wells, ice bins or wells for bottle storage. All are designed to speed service at point of sale. Glass doors either hinged or sliding can also be fitted to make an attractive point of sale merchandiser.

Non-refrigerated Counters

Bar Line series is complemented by various neutral temperature counters. Our other non-refrigerated counters for the storage of ambient produce or utensils can be supplied with or without doors to make matching equipment lines.

Top plate finish in stainless steel grade AISI 304 (with 1.25 mm zinc electroplating support plate). Width 400-1200mm, depth 550mm and 650 mm and height 900 mm.

Design your own counter

Design your own counter on your computer. The web application software uses Adobe Flash technology that can be downloaded from Adobe if needed.

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