Porkka Marine – Maritime Walk-In Rooms, and refrigerated and heated Cabinets and Counters

Porkka offers a wide range of food and beverage storage equipment for use in galleys and other food serving areas for all types of vessels. We manufacture commercial refrigerators and freezers, both upright and counter types, for both food and beverage storage and also produce blast chillers and freezers as well as food servery equipment for hot food storage and plating-up. We also offer Ice machines, both flake and cube types, as well as modular step-in cold and freezer rooms. The Porkka Marine range is designed and manufactured for professional use and to meet the most stringent demands of customers. The versatile range offers quality and simplicity in use, furthermore low power consumption ensures Porkka Marine equipment is environmentally friendly.

Walk-In Cold and
Freezer Rooms

Porkka offer a large range of tailor-made walk-in cold and freezer rooms. They are easy and simple to install and are complete with cooling unit. Porkka walk-in rooms meet all special and safety requirements that U.S.P.H.S hygiene standards demands.

The products are made of stainless steel. The insulation is 80, 100 or 150 mm CFC / HCFC free polyurethane. All door models are equipped with an internal emergency opening mechanism, as well as other additional features. Flooring, if selected, is finished with a non-slip stainless steel surface

Porkka Marine –Cold Line Counters

Designed to be used as both preparation work tables and food storage units Porkka ‘Cold Line’ marine counters are made for use in busy galleys and food service points on board vessels.

Manufactured from quality components they are durable and long lasting. The counters are supplied ready for marine use and benefit from stainless steel AISI grade 304 bodies both internally and externally.

Non-refrigerated counters for the storage of ambient produce or utensils are available with or without doors to complete equipment lines.

Porkka Marine -Hot Line Counters

The Porkka ‘Hot Line’ series of heated counters is ideal for both the storage and serving of pre-cooked food. The modular construction is versatile and allows a galley to be designed to operate to maximum efficiency.

Made from the highest quality materials and components such as stainless steel grade AISI 304 internally and externally, the equipment is easy to clean and built to last.  Non-refrigerated counters for the storage of ambient produce or utensils are available with or without doors.

Porkka Marine DHMC-hot food storage

Over several years Porkka have developed a new revolutionary hot food holding unit, that has been designed to store pre-cooked food, for long periods of time without deterioration to the texture or taste.

The principle is to add humidity combined with heat and forced air circulation; this has the effect of neutralizing the drying out of products that would happen in standard hot cupboards. Many have already been supplied and are in daily use both on military and merchant vessels.

Porkka Marine Display Line –Counters

The ‘Display Line’ is an attractive impulse sales merchandiser for use on ferries and roll-on, roll-off vessels. Display Line can be placed in a food serving line or cafeterias and can store and display sandwiches, snacks and beverages in temperature controlled conditions that will encourage impulse purchases.

Ice Cube and Ice Flake Machines

Porkka Marine automatic ice making machines are ideal for use on various types of marine vessels. Cube ice is predominantly used for bar supply, produces ice using a positive spray system and will therefore work during relatively heavy pitch and roll during a voyage.

Flake ice is an essential for salad bar displays and is also used in galleys during various food production processes such as blanching. It can also be used in the bar area to serve attractive cocktails.

Porkka Sales Offices in Europe

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Porkka is Well Known for its Quality and Reliability Throughout the World.

Porkka is an internationally known Finnish professional refrigeration equipment designer and manufacturer.

Our Porkka range incorporates HoReCa, Scientific and Marine equipments and solutions for frozen, chilled and heated storage, as well as specialist services.

We also offer a comprehensive selection of refrigeration solutions for Marine industry including cabinets, counters, doors and rooms.

Our key markets include Scandinavia, the United Kingdom, Central and Northern Europe and Russia.In addition we have distributors all over the world.