Porkka cold counters can be used as both preparation worktables and food storage units. Porkka Cold Line counters are designed for use where precise temperature control is essential such as busy restaurant kitchens, food preparation areas, cafés and canteens.

Stainless steel construction throughout provides a durable and longlasting chassis. This, combined with refrigeration components sourced from Danfoss, Aspera and Emerson. ensures that Porkka Cold Line counters are a reliable and efficient addition to any kitchen.

PORKKA Cold Line counters are amongst the most popular in Europe where the requirement is for high quality and high performance at competitive prices.


Versatility – Porkka Cold Line counters are designed to be as versatile and user-friendly as possible. Thoughtful design allows the cabinets to be supplied configured with almost any combination of drawers and doors. The counters’ refrigeration is contained within a cassette which can be removed and replaced within five minutes ensuring that any downtime is kept to the absolute minimum.

A Porkka Cold Counter chassis is built of the finest material available and finished with stainless steel throughout. Porkka cold line counters may be used either under a working counter or as a standalone counter whose top can also be used as a prep table. The robust build synonymous with Porkka equipment also allows other equipment such as bake-off ovens, grills or Barista coffee machines to be placed on top.

PORKKA’s Cold Line counters can be supplied fitted with adjustable legs or lockable castors. Besides the obvious advantages to hygiene and easy cleaning the castor option allows the cabinet to moved to wherever in the kitchen it is needed.


Durability – cold line counters will need to accommodate a variety of foodstuffs, cooking processes and personnel over its lifetime. Porkka Cold Line counters all 304 grade stainless steel design guarantee that they will be robust, long lasting, and durable and ensure that your investment is justified and beneficial to business in the short, medium and long term.


Environmentally-friendly – Porkka Cold Line equipment is 99% recyclable. In addition, Porkka’s early adoption of environmentally-friendly and energy efficient materials and refrigerants such as CO2 and R290 ensure that your purchase is one of the most environmentally-friendly and future proof counters on the market today.


Cold Line Counters from PORKKA

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