Watford 9.3.2020


The  new, safer, more efficient and more cost effective method for disinfecting in commercial kitchens and supermarkets.

At Porkka, we are proud to announce that the product development project for blue light is complete and that PORKKA BLUE light is available in our cold rooms and blast freezer/chiller cabinets and also medical cabinets. We have PORKKA BLUE available also as an accessory. Please ask more from Jim Kavanagh

Safe for materials and humans

  • PORKKA BLUE photon disinfection system deploys blue light whenever the targeted space is not in use.
  • PORKKA BLUE photon disinfection luminaires are harmless to humans and materials. The lights are typically controlled either manually (with a switch) or automatically (with a timer).
  • Blue light has been shown to destroy bacteria, molds and yeasts with high efficiency. Its power can be enhanced to destroy also viruses and endospores. The antimicrobial properties of blue light have been known for decades, but only the latest developments in LED technology have made disinfection with blue light  a cost-effective solution.
  • The best solution for surface disinfection in refrigerated appliances and similar used in eg. the following environments: nursing homes, schools and day care centers, dental clinics, veterinary clinics, grocery stores, restaurants and kitchens, supermarkets, food industry, indoor air quality, issue sites, refrigerated waste material storages, scientific and medical cabinets in hospitals, laboratories and cleanrooms. 

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