Porkka ProMed Medical cabinets are designed to improve product safety

Based on our clinical studies, we created the new innovative Porkka ProMed product family, which will replace its predecessor, the successful MC-series Medical Cabinets. In Structural solutions special attention was paid to the prevention of microbial growth. A new intuitive user interface, quieter operation and environmentally friendly HFC-free refrigerant (R600a) make Porkka ProMed Series superior in their field.

Precise temperature

Better product security

ProMed Medical Cabinets are designed to improve product safety. Thus the products are stored under supervision required by the pharmaceutical manufacturers, regardless of storage temperature deviations caused by the refrigeration process and normal operation.

It is designed to enhance ease of operation by the user. Automatic alarms and temperature logbook, anti-freeze function and deviation reports increase product security.

Silent operation

The new frame structure

The new structure ensures the most modern medical refrigerator solution. New solutions for energy efficiency, silence and ease of use has been further improved. Cabinet is hygienic and is easy to keep clean. ProMed is available in three size classes with outer dimensions corresponding to its predecessor the MC-series measurements.

ProMed is available in three sizes

  • ProMed MC 70
  • ProMed MC 180
  • ProMed MC 150/150

Easy to use

New Porkka LCD-control

ProMed monitors the temperature of the product. The controller’s temperature control and alarm features enable the cabinet to maintain the internal temperature within the pre-set limits. Built-in control alarm limits can be set individually so that the device will alert you if the internal temperature falls outside the boundary. Alarm delay is so short that the temperature of the stored product remains unchanged.

ProMed Medical Cabinet -models

ProMed products use environmentally friendly HFC-free R600a refrigerant. Medical refrigerators are fitted with a blower air circulation, which ensures a very smooth storage temperature. The new core and an insulating structure will provide greater energy efficiency and even more quiet operation. Porkka ProMed derived products are available in a variety of shelf solutions.

ProMed MC70

One temperature model on desk, floor or wall

ProMed MC180

Larger one temperature model

ProMed MC150/150

Two temperature model

ProMed MC70 GW

Glass Window model on desk, floor or wall

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