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Future BC/BF 720 SH Blast chiller/freezer cabinet

Amb. Temperature +5…+32 °C
Width (mm) 850
Depth (mm) 700
Height (mm) 2030
Height with short legs (mm) 1970
Internal width (mm) 400
Internal depth (mm) 560
Internal height (mm) 1430
Net Volume (litres) 291
Shelf slide (pairs) 10
Size of the tray (w x d x h mm) 325 x 530 x 65
Gross weight (kg) 140
Connection power (W) 1534
Cooling effect (W) 3000/1200
Voltage 230V/50Hz
Defrost Electric
Refrigerant (g)/GWP 1000g (R404A, GWP 3922)


Future Blast Chillers (BC) and the multi use Blast Chiller/Freezer (BC/BF) can be used for a multitude of different applications. Available as plug-in models with integrated air-cooled condensing units and central-plant connection ready -models with a wide selection of refrigerants.

These cabinets are supplied with 10 pairs of shelf slides to house GN1/1 containers or trays up to 65 mm high. Optimal results are obtained with open stainless steel containers.

In BC-mode the setpoint temperature can be adjusted  +1…+12 ºC. In BF-mode the setpoint temperature can be adjusted  –18…–26 ºC. The setpoint value is the process end temperature and the final storage temperature.

BC capacity is 30 kg per 90 minutes +70…+3 ºC with 50 mm layer thickness.

BC/BF capacity is 25 kg per 2,5 hours 0…–18 ºC with 50 mm layer thickness.

Visible internal and external surfaces are stainless steel (AISI 304). The cabinet has HFC free insulation.



• Control panel with soft touch buttons and multiple digital displays
• Microprocessor controlled blast chilling & freezing
• Adjustable soft-/hard-chilling process with 7 steps
• Product temperature probe for precise and accurate blast chilling
• Controller with ability to store up to 9 individual processes per function
• Automatic holding mode 
• Door open alarm
• Probe failure alarm
• Exterior / Interior finish in stainless steel grade AISI 304
• HFC free insulation
• 10 pairs anti-tilt stainless steel shelf slides dimensioned for GN 1/1 containers
• Door equipped with lock, magnetic gasket and heavy-duty
spring hinges, 90° dwell open
• Stainless steel legs, height adjustable from 130 mm to 205 mm
• Electrical supply 230V/50Hz

Optional equipment

• Heated product temperature probe
• Door operated internal LED light
• Extra anti-tilt stainless steel shelf slides
• Foot pedal door opener
• Also available for connection to a central cooling refrigeration system
• Electrical supplies 230 V / 50 Hz