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Inventus MC 7 Medical Chiller

External dimensions Width mm 730
Depth mm 870
Height mm 2100
Internal dimensions Width * mm 534
Depth mm 675
Height mm 1485
Volume (measured on a SS shelf according to DIN standard) Net Liter 489
Gross Liter 609
Weight Net kg 152
Package Weight Gross kg 162
Package size Width mm 780
Depth mm 920
Height mm 2250
Sound level measured at the distance of 1m and from the height of 1.6 m dB 49
Operating temperature ºC +2…+15 °C
Ambient temperature ºC +10…+35 °C
Temperature accuracy ºC DIN58345
Refrigerant g (GWP) g R290/115 g (3)
Connection Power kW 0.5
Fuse Slow A 10
Voltage V 230/50 Hz
Defrost 1. Air 2. Hot gas 3. Electric 1
Energy consumption (GW LED light OFF/ON) kWh/Year 239
Energy consumption (GW LED light OFF/ON) kWh/d 0.654
Shelves(Width x Depth) mm 530 x 650
Shelf amount standard/maximum pcs 4 / 24
Storage boxes amount standard / maximum pcs


Inventus medical chillers and freezers have been designed to improve product safety in temperature sensitive medicines and in medical storage.

They are energy-efficient, safe, and reliable. Products are stored in controlled temperatures required by pharmaceutical manufacturers regardless of variations caused by the refrigeration system or normal usage.

Every care has been taken to ensure that high hygienic levels can be maintained, which include rounded corners and a one piece-dished floor pan as well as our integrated shelf supports all of which avoid dirt traps and make the cabinets easy to deep clean. Also pull out / push in door gaskets makes changing easy and quick.

Besides safe surfaces, internal qualities of the product have been developed to meet the requirements of even the most demanding users. Air circulation in the product has been designed to keep the temperature within ±1°C on all shelves.

Additional product safety is provided by antifreeze protection in medical chillers, and in freezers by a temperature monitor during defrosting. The clear interface, quieter operating sound, and environmentally friendly and energy-efficient refrigerant R290 hydrocarbon with a very low Global warming potential (GWP) value make it an ecological choice.

Nanoksi Fotonit – Touch safe surfaces as standard

In all Inventus products for medical institutions and research, the door handle (1) and the control keypad (2) are treated with Nanoksi Fotonit photocatalytic coating. As a factory-fitted accessory, the interior of the device (3) can be also treated with Nanoksi Fotonit. In this case, the device is also equipped with a disinfection lamp.


Control unit LED numerical display

All cabinet models feature a clear and easy-to-use control unit. All main functions can be performed with one push button: checking of the minimum and maximum temperature, continuous on/off recording of temperature, continuous recording of temperature on a USB flash drive.

  • Continuous temperature recording
  • USB port for data reading
  • Big LED number temperature display
  • Complies with the requirements DIN 58345 set to storage of pharmaceuticals andthe requirements DIN 58371 set to storage of red cell preparations
  • High Temperature Protection during defrost period both chillers and freezers
  • Anti-freeze protection system (chillers)
  • Products are available with optional battery backup (DIN accessory package)
  • Versatile features and alarms of the control unit are displayed on a large LED screen. If necessary, an acoustic alarm will also produce a sound signal. Potential-free alarm information is transferred to real estate supervision via a control unit. All possible alarms are stored in the memory of the control unit with precise time and alarm information.


  • Excellent temperature uniformity (+-1 C) according to DIN 58371
  • Low noise level, under 49 dB(A)
  • Control unit with clear numeric display for temperature and other functions
  • Real time temperature recording and USB port for data reading
  • 12-hour battery backup for control unit’s power failure alarm and temperature recording (DIN 58371 requirement)
  • Key lock on the control unit
  • Recording of maximum and minimum temperature
  • Visual and audible high/low temperature alarm
  • Door switch for fan control and door open-alarms
  • Probe failure alarm
  • Readiness for RS485 adapter for computer connection
  • Potential free (no voltage) alarm coupling readiness for real estate monitoring
  • 50 ml bottle for a temperature sensor P4 inside the cabinet
  • Fan assisted air distribution
  • Automatic defrost
  • Anti-freeze protection
  • Temperature monitor during defrost
  • 8 mm sleeved access port for additional probe
  • RJ 45 alarm cable with junction box
  • Automatic vaporization of condensed water
  • Molded eco-friendly polyurethane insulated frame. The insulation thickness is 80-100 mm
  • External finish has a white polyester coated sheet steel or stainless steel. Interior finish in stainless steel grade AISI 304
  • 5 glass shelves with 2-3 pcs storage boxes / shelf for blood bag storage. Tranparent plastic window at the front of storage box. Shelves are adjustable in increments of 56 mm
  • Abloy lock is placed in front panel for easy maintenance (Abloy Sentry key)
  • The self-closing door has a sturdy molded handle, magnetic seal, and durable hinges. The door remains open at a 90 degree angle
  • Fotonit coated microbially protected handle is designed as a solid part of the door
  • Stainless steel legs, height adjustable from 130 mm to 205 mm
  • Efficient, environmental friendly, energy saving R290 refrigerant
  • Electrical supply 230V / 50 Hz


  • Additional shelves
  • Flat bottomed plastic storage box set
  • Stainless steel wire basket
  • Castors, lockable front castors
  • Short stainless steel legs, adjustable from 70 mm to 85 mm
  • Door opening pedal
  • LED light (standard in GW models)
  • iLOQ lock (Abloy as a standard)


 PORKKA Inventus Medical, Technical Data 2021/6