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Porkka BC 960 SH Blast chiller room for trolley operation

Width (mm) 1050
Depth (mm) 1050
Hight (mm) 2100
Blast Chilling capacity* 60 kg/90 min.
Blast freezing capacity**
Shock freezing capacity***
Connected power for central plant system 410 W / 230 V

The refrigerating capacity is informed according to the regulations and requirements of the DHSS.
* Blast chilling capacities have been calculated using GN1/1 trays 65mm deep with a product thickness of 50mm entering at +70 to +3°C within the stated time period.
** Blast freezing capacities have been calculated using GN1/1–65mm deep trays with a product thickness of 50mm from 0 to –18°C.
*** All Porkka appliances meet international standards and requirements for Blast Chilling of foodstuffs.


The range of Porkka BC Blast Chillers and the combined BC/BF Blast Chiller and Blast Freezers is large and versatile and can be used for a multitude of different applications. Stand alone, models with integral air cooled condensing units for GN 1/1 containers, wheel-in models in various sizes for use with GN1/1 and certain GN2/1 trolleys and pass through versions which can accept both GN1/1 and GN2/1 trolleys.

BC and BC/BF 960 are for trolley operation. GN1/1 trolleys can be wheeled into these cabinets, loaded with GN1/1 trays. BC/BF models are supplied with insulated floor with optional ramp.


• Control panel with soft touch buttons and multiple digital displays
• Microprocessor controlled blast chilling & freezing
• Digital display with selectable soft- / hard-chilling process
• Stainless steel product probe for precise and accurate soft chilling
• Controller with ability to store 8 individual processes for rapid selection
• Automatic holding mode after the blast chilling or blast freezing process has finished
• Visual and audible high/low temperature alarm
• Door open alarm
• Probe failure alarm
• Exterior / Interior finish in stainless steel grade AISI 304
• Insulation with high density HCF free polyurethane
• Doors are supplied complete with heavy duty hinges and a lockable door handle which is complete with emergency entrapment release
• Durable gaskets provide a good air seal
• BC versions are supplied without floor, to allow simple trolley operation

Optional equipment

• Door operated UV-C sterilisation lamp
• Door operated internal LED light
• Floor for BC
• Trolley ramp
• Ready for sunken floor operation (made by others)