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Porkka Cold Line Counters for Beverage Storage with Angled Well for Bottles and Well for Ice

Porkka Cold line CL-B2S beverage counters are supplied with ice well and angled refrigerated bottle holder to store spirit and or wine bottles, keeping they at a good temperature for serving. This arrangement can really speed up bar service during busy periods, in addition there is ample storage within the counter to hold chilled beverages for replenishment.

Counters are manufactured from quality components they are durable and long lasting, naturally, the counters are supplied ready for the usage and benefit from stainless steel AISI grade 304 bodies both internally and externally.

Pre-configure your counter

There are multiple variations of CL-B2S –models. You can design your counter with the web application (requires Adobe Flash). To see more information on available variations, please check the tab “available modules”.



Didn’t find what You are looking for?

Do you want special configuration to fulfill your needs? Please, go to contact center page and send an e-mail to your local specialist.

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Each door is lockable with central locking system and the base is supplied with legs, shelving is included with each door section.

The equipment also benefits from innovative design features such as pull out refrigeration cassettes for simple maintenance or repair.


  • Environmental friendly and energy efficient refrigerant R290 (230V/50Hz only)
  • Digital temperature display with built-in microprocessor controller
  • Recording of max./min. temperature
  • Visual high/low temperature alarm
  • Probe failure alarm
  • Blocked condenser / high ambient temperature alarm
  • Exterior / Interior finish in stainless steel
  • Insulation with high density HFC-free polyurethane
  • Top plate with Integrated, angled, air cooled bottle well and insulated well with drain for both wells, ice or bottles
  • Module(s) with 2 drawers, magnetic gasket and solid stainless steel base
  • Efficient and energy saving, hermetic air cooled HFC-free refrigerant system
  • Slide-in/out refrigeration cassette (by hand) for easy servicing
  • Built-in washable condenser air filter
  • Stainless steel legs, height adjustable (-5mm to +65 mm)
  • Central locking system
  • Electrical supply 230V/50Hz

Optional Features

  • Also available for connection to a central cooling refrigeration system
  • Module door, equipped with handle, magnetic gasket and heavy- duty hinges
  • Shorter, adjustable stainless steel legs for a counter height of 825 mm
  • Heat treated wooden packaging

Technical Specification

CL-B2S C860  CL-B2S C1260 CL-B2S C1660 CL-B2S C2060
Operating Temperature +2…+15 °C +2…+15 °C +2…+15 °C +2…+15 °C
Amb. Temperature +5…+25 °C +5…+25 °C +5…+25 °C +5…+25 °C
Width (mm) 860 1260 1660 2060
Depth (mm) 650 650 650 650
Height (mm) 900 900 900 900
Height with short legs (mm) 850 850 850 850
Refrigerated angled well width (mm) 700 1100 1500 1900
Refrigerated angled well Depth (mm) 155 155 155 155
Refrigerated angled well Height (mm) 120 120 120 120
Refrigerated well width (mm) 300 300 300 300
Refrigerated well depth (mm) 300 300 300 300
Refrigerated well height (mm) 220 220 220 220
Gross weight (kg) 99 134 167 200
Connection power (kw) 0.25 0.25 0.25 0.25
Voltage 230V/50Hz 230V/50Hz 230V/50Hz 230V/50Hz
Defrost Air Air Air Air
Refrigerant (g)/GWP* R134a/210 g (GWP 1430) R134a/210 g (GWP 1430) R134a/210 g (GWP 1430) R134a/210 g (GWP 1430)
Refrigerant (g)/GWP* R290/90 g (GWP 3) R290/90 g (GWP 3) R290/90 g (GWP 3) R290/90 g (GWP 3)

Available Modules

Module 1 Module with door Solid door with 2 shelves
Module G4 Module with glass door Glass door with light and 2 drawer shelves for bottles
Module 2 Module with 2 drawers 2 drawers for crates
Module CE Refrigeration unit CE without drawer with ECO refrigerant R290 +2…+15 °C


 Porkka Counters (PDF)