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Porkka KF145 Flake Ice Machine

Flake ice can be used in many areas both in laboratories and medical institutions from physiotherapy to instrument calibration or transportation of donated organs. The ice remains free flowing, even during long storage periods.

Air cooled A
Water cooled W
Production Kg/24h A/135, W/141
Width (mm) 680
Depth (mm) 588
Height (mm) (feet) 890 + (140)
Bin storgage (Kg) 42
Connection Power (W) 590
Gross Weight (Kg) 76
Voltage 230V/50Hz


  • Stainless steel bodywork AISI 304 with one piece insulated storage bin.
  • Spray system (KL), Belt system (KF)
  • Automatic production cycle (KL), Electronic controlled production (KF)
  • Built-in cleaning system (KL)
  • Low power and water consumption
  • Cristal clear, hygienic and compact ice cubes with the size of Ø 27×32 mm (KL)
  • Hygienic and dry flake ice with a temperature of -0,5 °