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Porkka KF300 Flake Ice Machine

Porkka Automatic Flake Ice Machines produce a dry free-flowing flake ice that is ideal for salad bar displays, cooling of white wines or champagne and cocktails where crushed ice is required. They can be used in hotels, restaurants, cafes and nightclubs when a more sophisticated display is required to enhance customer appeal.

KF300 / KFP300 (E)
Air cooled A
Water cooled W
KF – Production Kg/24h A/300 W/305
KFP – Production Kg/24h A/270, W/275
Width (mm) 560
Depth (mm) 511
Height (mm) (feet) 560
Bin storage (Kg)
Connection Power (W) 1150
Gross Weight (Kg) 78
Voltage 230V/50Hz


  • Bodywork made from stainless steel grade AISI 304
  • One piece insulated and moulded food safe ABS plastic storage bin
  • Ice produced using a vertical evaporator with endless screw
  • Belt driven gearbox
  • Bin thermostat (models with integrated storage bins)
  • Electronic eye sensor (models without integrated bins)
  • Low power and water consumption
  • Hygienic and dry flake ice with a temperature of -0,5 °

Optional Features

  • Front ventilation for model KF 75
  • Water cooled condenser
  • Voltage 230V/60Hz or 115V/60Hz